The yacht Nord underwent customs procedures in Vladivostok and remained at the seaport

The yacht Nord of billionaire Mordashov, which has become a new attraction in Vladivostok, passed all the necessary customs procedures on the day of arrival. Now the issue with the place of its further parking is being resolved. According to the seaport, she will remain in the city center in the coming days.

It will be recalled that the 142-meter yacht belonging to the owner of Severstal, which came under sanctions, with a foreign crew on board left the port of Victoria in the Seychelles on March 12 and headed to Vladivostok, where it arrived on the morning of March 31. The ship was built for about $ 300 million (more than the annual budget of Vladivostok) and launched in 2021, it is among the ten largest yachts in the world. Earlier, some of the ten yachts belonging to Russia’s sanctioned oligarchs were arrested in foreign ports. It seems that the seaside capital was chosen not from the good life, but in the hope of a quiet and safe harbor.

The shipowner’s plans have not been officially announced. Several sources reported that they had previously decided to leave the yacht at the seaport berths, despite the rather high fee. And she really stayed there after customs and border guards worked on her.

“With regard to the customs vessel, all customs operations have been carried out in the regular manner and within the period established by law. All the work took place and was completed on March 31, ”a representative of the Vladivostok customs told

Now the foreign crew of the ship can go ashore if they wish. For example, buy warm things. Because now they are seen on board in shorts and without jackets, which they hardly needed in the Seychelles.

Apparently, the shipowner must conclude a contract for the reception and service at berths № 1 and 2 of the seaport with TDC LLC (Vladivostok Sea Terminal). The commercial directorate of the company did not answer the call of journalists, as well as the administration of the seaport, where the information should be sent. According to the TDC website, the cost of parking is calculated from the tariff of 30 rubles per running meter per hour. For a 142-meter yacht, this is about 100,000 rubles a day, or about 3 million rubles a month.

The dispatch service of the seaport reported that they had not yet received information about the duration of the parking. But they assured that in the coming weekend everyone who wants to look at the yacht will be able to do so.

And while the townspeople make a pilgrimage to the yacht, looking from the helipads, swimming pools and other attributes of luxury living, videos and photos from inside the ship, which were made during the standard border crossing procedures, have appeared in the public domain. It is expected that inside it looks even more luxurious.


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