these 3 men of the zodiac cannot be relied on

No matter how strong modern women are, even they sometimes need a strong man’s shoulder.

However, not every member of the stronger sex is able to surround a lady with care and protection. Astrologers have named three zodiac signs, next to which women are unlikely to feel like behind a stone wall.


Men born under the sign of Taurus rarely listen to the desires and needs of their other half, they are so obsessed with themselves. Representatives of this earth sign value their own comfort and wealth above all else in the world.

They will easily part with money for the sake of a fashionable gadget that will give them status in the eyes of others, but will be stingy to buy even a modest bouquet of flowers for their beloved.

To receive the desired gift, the Taurus companion will have to remind her partner every time. Therefore, women who love surprises and spontaneous gifts, with Taurus is completely out of the way.


Every woman is pleased when members of the opposite sex openly show their interest, show initiative, arrange pleasant surprises, for example, in the form of a romantic dinner or a trip to the movies. Ladies will not expect anything like this from Virgo. Even if the representatives of this sign really feel sympathy, they will not take the first step. They will reflect for a long time on the topic “Do I need this relationship”, will calculate all possible options for the development of events for the next ten years, in short, will bother with the full program and will confuse the girl’s head.

In addition, Virgo men are reluctant to part with money, so their chosen ones should not count on bouquets of flowers and cute gifts.


Representatives of the water sign from the outside seem to be ideal lovers – charming, romantic, sensitive. However, this is just a bait that girls are willing to bite. As soon as the Pisces man achieves the desired and makes sure that the chosen one will not go anywhere, he will show his true face. The fervent promises that the native of this sign gave to the right and left during the candy-bouquet period will remain so. The fish quickly sit on the neck of their companion and hang their legs.

In addition, the representatives of the brand are not only fragile mental organization, but also poor health.

The partner will have to become a “second mother” and selflessly care for Pisces every time the thermometer rises just above 37.

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