This Company Looks To Reduce Environmental Pollution By Producing Biodegradable Ammunition

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People own guns for a variety of reasons. A Pew Research Center and Gallup survey revealed that personal protection tops the list of reasons Americans own firearms.

The study also revealed that 4 in 10 US adults say they live in a household with a gun, including 30% who say they own one.

Armed with the constitution and led by big players like Smith & Wesson Brands Inc. SWBI and Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. RGRthe US ammunition industry has grown to become a big business.

Booming Ammunition Market

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearm industry trade association, reported that in 2018, 11.4 million firearms were produced or imported in the United States. Firearm and ammunition manufacturing accounted for nearly 12,000 employees producing more than $3.9 billion in goods shipped in 2018.

Another report by IBIS World said manufacturers made about $18 billion in 2020 because more Americans own guns. With the coronavirus pandemic fueling sales, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) revealed that it received a record 3.7 million applications in March 2020 alone.

Environmental Challenges With Ammunitions

But the growth of the market and ownership of ammunition presents a problem that has been lurking around for centuries. Ammunition can’t be disposed of like trash tossed into a recycling bin.

The lead often used in making bullets can be detrimental to the environment, especially if it seeps into the water supply and contaminates it. Throwing old ammunition away can also be dangerous as it could cause the cartridge to catch fire.

Biodegradable Ammunitions

The US Army manufactures and uses hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, which are fired at training ranges and in combat. But because of the difficulty in disposing of spent shell casings, the Army has been exploring the possibility of using biodegradable ammunition to replace existing rounds used, particularly in training.

The Army in 2017 solicited and accepted proposals from contractors for alternative ammunition technology made from environmentally friendly materials.

While the concept of biodegradable bullets might seem ambitious, AMMO Inc. POWWan American ammunition and munition components manufacturer and technology researcher, has them on the market today.

The Arizona-based company designs and manufactures products for various aptitudes, including law enforcement, military, sport shooting, and self-defense.

Founded in 2016 with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the munitions industry, AMMO has been exploring ways to produce and sell environmentally friendly ammunition.

In March last year, the company entered into a commercial distribution agreement with BIO AMMO SL for exclusive US distribution rights to sell BIO AMMO’s patented biodegradable shotgun shells.

BIO AMMO’s patented 12-gauge lead and steel cartridges are designed for hunting and sport shooting and are currently sold in 20 countries. The Spanish company has been tested and certified through TÜV AUSTRIA, a global player in the certification of bioplastics.

According to AMMO, its research and development team is already manufacturing complimentary biodegradable pistol and small and large rifle ammunition to expand its portfolio of eco-friendly munitions.

The company believes BIO AMMO’s patented biodegradable ammunition could be a significant help to rid the environment of future spent shell casings.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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