“This is a whole man!” The star of “Doma-2” Sasha Cherno cried after a new weigh-in

08:08, 02.04.2022

The ex-participant of the teleconstruction took care of her health six months ago.

Sasha Cherno has lost a lot of weight lately. In October last year, the star of “Doma-2” underwent surgery to reduce the stomach and now regularly talks about the results of surgery. The ex-participant of the teleconstruction with tears in her eyes spoke again about her weight.

Cherno addressed the fans in her personal blog and told how many kilograms she managed to lose this time. She underwent another weigh-in and the result brought her to tears. The most pleasant news: I have minus 50. Do you understand what minus 50 means? This is a whole person, ”the reality star did not hide her emotions.

Sasha Cherno told how much she lost weight

According to Cherno, she achieved such a good result due to her mood and perseverance. At the same time, she does not try to devalue the surgery, because it was the operation that gave her the first impetus to the desired figure. “Of course, it is much easier for me to do sports, eat right and lose weight comfortably. And the most important thing is to get used to this state, because in 2 years this action will pass a little. And most importantly, the habit will remain. This is the time to work out, “she added, noting that before the operation her weight was critical (the spelling and punctuation of the authors here and hereafter are unchanged.” Note ed.). 170 kilograms pose a serious threat to health.

Sasha Cherno announced that she plans to have a gastric bypass at the end of the summer. She began to undergo all sorts of research and is preparing for surgery. However, on the eve of the surgery, the reality star announced that she was ready to give it up. She noted that she had nightmares about the hospital. Alexandra worried that these dreams could be a harbinger of trouble. Moreover, Cherno admitted that many subscribers are trying to dissuade her from the operation, which also greatly affects her mood. She added that the main fear was that something could go wrong during the operation and she would die. At the same time, according to Alexandra, for a long time she was overcome by thoughts of what would happen to her one-year-old son if she did not.

Sasha Cherno with her son and husband

Earlier Cherno shared, after giving birth she had a hormonal failure and she began to gain a lot of weight. At some point, the star of the teleconstruction began to weigh more than 170 kg. Sasha realized that she could not return to at least the previous forms, so she decided to have surgery to reduce the stomach. However, according to Sasha, her transformation will not end there. She plans to do a few more operations. So, she plans to have surgery to remove excess skin, which is noticeably sagging, as well as breast lift. However, according to Cherno, she will most likely do these procedures at the end of this year or at the beginning of next. She will be ready for new operations when the weight becomes 70-75 kg.

It is worth mentioning that Sasha’s husband, Iosif Hovhannisyan, does not condemn her for being overweight. He has repeatedly stated that he prefers full girls. Moreover, he repeatedly stood up for Alexandra, responding to criticism of her appearance. Hovhannisyan admitted that he liked Sasha Cherno’s curvaceous forms, but still supported her in her desire to lose weight, because Sasha started having health problems because of him.

Sasha Cherno

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