Ties with directing: what Quentin Tarantino looks like now and what he does

He married and became a father

Until the age of 55, Quentin Tarantino retained the status of a bachelor – which, however, did not prevent him from having romances with many bright women. For a long time, the director was not going to get married, citing the fact that the family will only hinder his successful career.

In 2009, Tarantino met Israeli singer Daniela Peake and began dating her after some time. According to friends of the star, once the girl set a favorite condition: either they marry or divorce. Tarantino eventually agreed to continue the relationship and made her an offer in 2016, and two years later a wedding took place, which was attended only by loved ones.

At age 56, Quentin Tarantino became a father for the first time: in February 2020, he and his young wife became the boy’s parents. The director spent the first time after the birth of a child in his wife’s homeland, Israel. As Tarantino admitted in an interview, he enjoyed family life and experienced real happiness. Photo of Quentin and his wife in the gallery:

He met with robbers in his house

For many years before the wedding, Quentin Tarantino lived in a small house located in Kraft Avenue in Hollywood. However, no one saw the mansion from the inside for a long time – there were only rumors on the Internet that Tarantino had shot several scenes of “Criminal Readings” in the interiors of his house.

In 2018, the director decided to sell the house. He and his young wife moved into a mansion on Woodrow Wilson Drive. However, they soon had an unpleasant incident: robbers entered the house, which celebrities had to drive away on their own (however, two of them managed to escape and grab the jewelry from Quentin’s house).

After this incident, Tarantino hides his address. From now on, not a single photo of his house has ever appeared on the Internet.

During self-isolation he reviewed films

During the quarantine quarantine, the director wasted no time: he wrote reviews that were published on the website of his own New Beverly movie theater. Prior to that, before the premieres of the films, Quentin addressed the audience with his brief reviews. However, when the establishment was closed due to quarantine, viewers were able to get acquainted with the star’s film reviews in writing.

He wrote two books

In the summer of 2021, Quentin Tarantino’s debut novel Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was published. In the book, the director told about the events shown in the film of the same name. In addition, the author expanded some scenes and swapped the main and secondary storylines. The novel was highly praised by both critics and readers.

In January 2022, Quentin Tarantino announced that he had written a second book, which was also based on the sensational film. In it, the director told the story of Rick Dalton – a character played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

In the near future, Tarantino plans to release a third book – “Speculation of cinema.” The date of its release is still unknown.

Plans to leave the big movie

In an interview, Quentin Tarantino has repeatedly said that he plans to leave directing after the release of his tenth film (“Once in Hollywood” is just the tenth). According to him, he wants to put an end to the moment when he will be at the peak of his creative form. However, he did not reveal the details of his latest painting. According to the star, he would like to shoot a sequel to “Kill Bill” or a western.

However, Tarantino promised that after leaving the cinema he would not stop working at all. He intends to switch to writing plays and books. He tries himself in other close spheres. For example, this year he acted as a narrator in the series “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber”.

What legendary Hollywood artists look like today:

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