Tim Jiu – Terrell Gushe battle report, battle result, Jiu – Gushe who won

Tim Jiu was knocked down, but defeated the sluggish American. Until the father still grow and grow

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Tim Jiu - Terrell Gushe battle report

In the first rounds, Kostya Tszyu’s son resembled the worst example of Dmitry Kudryashov.

The next fight of the talented Timofey Tzu took place in the American Minneapolis. The Australian boxer with Russian roots is loved by our fans: Tim used to be watched only thanks to his legendary father, but now he has become an independent star. Jiu Jr. is a technical and intelligent boxer who is predicted to have a great future. But today Tim was facing a difficult test.

“Jiu is not at that level.” Timofey goes to the United States to scare an arrogant American

Jiu had his first fight in the United States, which put a certain amount of psychological pressure on him. Timofey’s opponent was not a boy to beat either: Terrell Gushe is a boxer with a lot of experience, who managed to perform at the Olympic Games and almost reached the championship belt in professionals. Gusha has relatively few early victories, but his long arms and powerful physique make him a very uncomfortable opponent. So it was a little unsettling for Jiu today.

The fight began in a leisurely style. Timofey tried to take away the center of the ring, throwing out tough power series. Gushe responded with sharp single blows and near the end of the first round he unexpectedly sent Jiu to the knockdown! Kostya’s son missed a straight line in the jaw and fell: when he got up, he struggled to fight off the new attacks of the opponent who felt the blood. In the second round, Timofey calmed down and continued to press, although again he missed a lot.

“This guy’s like a brick wall.” Inoue was a tough nut to crack

Jiu stubbornly tried to fight number one, even though Gushe’s counterattacks were very good. The Australian looked a little pinched on his feet – his style resembled the worst examples of Dmitry Kudryashov. However, by the fourth round, Tim began to wake up: following the advice of coaches, he began to act much more actively and diversely. After several hits, Tim sent his opponent into a knockdown, after which Terrell had to go through an unpleasant moment at the ropes.

In the fifth round, Jiu went even bolder, although he sometimes missed counterattacks. Gushe’s defense seemed unreliable: after one of the uppercuts, he went into passive defense. Timofey completely took the initiative, holding his opponent in a corner and firing “on the floors.” In the next round, the Australian again attacked relentlessly, albeit without such a clear dominance. Terrell was frankly cautious.

The seventh round was again marked by Goose’s passivity and the “invasion” of his opponent. The American met well a couple of times, almost without leaving the ropes. In the next three minutes, Terrell decided to work a little in the exchanges, where he looked paler than Ju. The Australian beat more often and more accurately, although he did not manage to shake his opponent in any way. In the ninth round, the picture remained about the same – except that Gushe became a little bolder.

It is worth paying tribute to the physical training of Jiu Jr., who continued to move forward and throw a lot of blows. Yes, they weren’t knockouts, but they were allowed to take round after round into their piggy bank. Including the 10th and 11th. There was a timid hope for the hot last three minutes, but Gushe continued to be a sluggish “pear”. As a result – a confident unanimous victory of Jiu by the judge’s decision. However, Tim must be added – his father fought much brighter.

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