Timofey Tzu reminded America of his father – Kommersant newspaper № 52 (7253) from March 28, 2022

Tim Jiu, the son of perhaps the best Russian fighter in the history of professional boxing, Konstantin Jiu, seems to have finally secured the status of superstar of the genre. Jiu Jr., representing Australia, won his 21st consecutive career victory in the first fight he fought in the United States. And this difficult – by points, with a knockdown in the first round – victory over the experienced American Terrell Gausha secured him the status of a contender for the title of absolute world champion in the first middleweight (up to 69.9 kg). Gaushi compatriot Jermello Charlo and Argentine Brian Castagno will fight for him in May.

The battle in Minneapolis has become a very significant event for America due to the name of its central character. Tim Jiu’s father is remembered too well in the United States. It seems that Russian boxing, which in fact regularly publishes exclusively gifted fighters, has not yet given the world a fighter steeper than Konstantin Tzu. At the turn of the century, Jiu, who, speaking for the USSR, made a great amateur career, and at the same time with the collapse of the country moved to Australia to make a professional career, reigned in the first welterweight (up to 63.5 kg). He won titles, and on the way to them he beat various strong and even outstanding rivals, including American ones. And the brutal brawl that Jiu inflicted in 2001 on Zabu Jude, America’s young hopeful, went down in the history of her boxing as one of the strongest sporting humiliations the country has ever experienced.

The same specialization as the father was chosen by two Australian-born sons, Constantine Ju. The youngest – Nikita – has just made his professional debut, and the eldest, whose full name – Timothy – is commonly abbreviated to Tim, has already earned not just a good, but a great reputation.

The fight with Terrell Gausha was special for him. Tim Jiu, although his amateur career was not too high (in fact, he was torn between football and boxing for a long time, almost until the end of school), by the age of 27 he had amassed a luxurious track record of two dozen consecutive victories. He also deserved many compliments from people who are well versed in his genre. For example, before last weekend, the famous midfielder Timothy Bradley in the recent past, compiling his rating of boxers ready for a bright breakthrough, without hesitation included Timothy Jiu. Bradley, noting that he refutes the stereotype that children’s talents are usually not passed on to children, listed Jiu’s merits for a long time. , strong jab and deadly cross right, eternal drive.

The problem was that until now, Tim Jiu had fought exclusively in his homeland, Australia. The list of boxers who did not take his feet off him included opponents of the high class without any reservations, such as Jeff Horn or Takeshi Inoue. But still in boxing it is believed that real success comes if you win the main market in boxing, that is, the American market. And so, proving the validity of the advances issued, he made his debut in the United States.

The debut, I must say, was difficult, we can say, ambiguous. This was the first time that Tim Jiu had won not directly, but rather tortuously.

The whole thing was a blow to the right, which hit the area of ​​the left eye, which at the very beginning of the fight Terrell Gauss sent him to the floor. The knockdown was far from symbolic, and it took Jiu time to digest it.

But when he recovered, when he finished probing Gausha, boxing performed by Tim Jiu began to resurrect in his memory all the compliments that were generously given to him by prominent fighters. In the middle of the battle, the American repeatedly found himself in a critical situation, under heavy fire. And the fact that he never fell should not be misleading. Gauscha is known primarily for its unique stability and durability. For the 34-year-old American, it was the 26th professional fight, and none of his previous rivals (among them bright figures, such as Erislandi Lara) managed to do so, so that there was a reason to record a knockdown, to shake him.

There was no doubt that the judges would give Tim Jiu the victory by points. For example, according to CompuBox, Jiu’s superiority in the number of accentuated strikes was almost doubled in 12 rounds: 207 vs. 106. On the contrary, it seemed that the judges were even lenient with the American: 116: 111, 115: 112 and 114: 113 – the score on their cards spoke of a more persistent struggle than it really was.

Formally, with this fight, Tim Jiu secured the status of a former contender for the title of world welterweight champion according to the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

But in reality the bonus is even sweeter. In fact, in the next match Jiu must fight for the title of absolute champion. He will be played on May 14 by Argentine Brian Castagno, the holder of the same WBO title, and American Jermello Charlo, who owns the other three prestigious belts – the World Boxing Council (WBC), the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Association (WBA).

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