Todorenko blames Kirkorov, Batrutdinov misses Marie, and Malysh is ill: the inside of the show “Mask”

There is exactly a month left until the end of the project, so the struggle between the participants of the “Mask” is getting fiercer: everyone is trying to prove themselves and confuse the jury. The level of conspiracy behind the scenes is also rising – for example, the Bee team even asked StarHit to leave the backstage for a while to remain completely incognito.

The bee, by the way, made a special impression on the judge in this issue. Todorenko suspected one outrageous lady blogger in a suit and drew up a horoscope in advance. “You have 95% marital compatibility!” Regina told the astonished Kirkorov. True, the stars are not yet familiar with each other, but Philip said he was not averse to fix it.

The artist was in a great mood – he appeared in the studio in a bright, literally glowing outfit to the applause of the crowd. “April has come, which means the orange sun, the orange sky, the orange me! – explained the choice of the image of the pop king. Now Kirkorov is preparing for his anniversary show in the Kremlin – in late April, and for the filming of a special issue of “Masks”, dedicated to his 55th birthday.

“Come to me for night rehearsals,” Philip playfully invited host Vyacheslav Makarov and colleagues on the jury. Batrutdinov immediately joked: “I’m like Leopards.” Timur is definitely sad and bored, because in the last program flew his favorite – Marie Kraimbreri, who performed in a wild cat costume.

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A spark definitely slipped between the showman and the singer. “Happiness loves silence, but I will say that we exchanged phone calls,” Timur smiles mysteriously when asked by StarHit if they have continued to communicate. – Some of my colleagues here say that I am windy, but no. If Leopard left the project, it does not mean that he left my heart. The leopard is still somewhere between the Bee and Anubis. “

The mysterious participant in the mask of the ancient Egyptian god conquered Regina Todorenko. “He is my favorite, of course,” admits the presenter. – This is an amazing singer, we still do not know who is hiding under this guise. We assume that Sievert, Maria Zaitseva and Maniza are there. Of course, I want to open the hero, but I hope this mask will win and reach the final. “

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Regina traditionally comes to the site with a heavy pile of papers – there are “lists of suspects”, and photos, and extracts from the Internet with various facts. She continues the tradition with images of great women. Everyone literally gasped when they saw her next outfit. “And who are you today?” Kirkorov asked. “Pregnant mother,” jokes Todorenko, but then, however, explains: “Today I am” Kiss “from a painting by Gustav Klimt.”

The star no longer hides his interesting position, as it was in the first issues. It turned out that the conspiracy was so successful that colleagues on the jury table did not immediately notice the rounded shapes.

“I basically did not hide anything, I sit here and sit. Even Philip only paid attention to the fifth program: “Are you pregnant?” And her life was scratching. I say, “No, I’m a little better.” I do not yet know what ideas for images I will embody in the fourth season. I want to say that, probably, breastfeeding. But each “Mask” for me – a challenge, a new level – they say, than I can still surprise myself. “

While the jury exchanges tricks and discusses the performances, behind the scenes a real drama – the Kid was so overzealous with activities on stage that the actor in a suit began to literally suffocate. He literally flew off the stage, breathing hard and demanding to bring a fan as soon as possible. The participant was escorted not to the dressing room, but to the corridor, where he was able to take off his mask as soon as possible.

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As for the suspicions, all their versions of the jury are also discussed in the general chat. As Timur Batrutdinov admitted, he does not even try to test his guesses on fellow artists, not wanting to spoil the intrigue. “Revva, by the way, also never wrote to me when I was in Zaytsa. I understand him perfectly now, because I would have to tell a lie. It is still possible to lie in Mask, and here we communicate as comrades, then we would have to somehow justify ourselves. And we know that the power is in the truth. “

Photo, video: NTV press service, Olga Pleteneva

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