Top 10 dora tvN with the highest audience rating

After the final «Our blues»The list of the 10 best TV stars with the highest audience rating has changed again.

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When the last episode of the drama aired “Our blues“, It also became the most popular Korean drama in the first half of 2022 on TVN. After that, the top 10 dora tvN with the highest viewer rating also changed, and below is an updated list.

№ 10: Wise life in the hospital 2 – 14,080%

From the very first to the last episode “Wise life in the hospital 2»The project has never ceased to reach double digits in the ratings of viewers. In the second season, the drama reached a peak of 14.080%, getting into the top ten Korean TV series with the highest audience rating.

№ 9: Wise life in the hospital – 14.142%

It seems that the first season of “Wise life in the hospital»Still turned out a little better, despite the low ratings in the opening episodes. The series, about the lives of 5 best friends working in one hospital, was so attractive that it peaked at 14.142% in the first season.

№ 8: Husband for a hundred days – 14.412%

With such famous names as Do Kyon Su (DO from EXO), Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Son Ho and Han So Heedrama «Husband for a hundred days»Has become sufficiently expected and popular to take 8th place in this list of the top 10. Although there were episodes in which the number of viewers fell to a meager 4%, starting with the 10th episode, the series consistently received double-digit ratings, reaching a peak of 14.412% in the finale. Thus, “Husband for a hundred days“- one of the two historical doras included in this list.

№ 7: Our Blues – 14.597%

The emergence of “Our blues»With the highest rating of 14.597% displaced«The seaside town of Cha-cha-cha»From the top 10. These series are often compared to each other, but it seems that “Our blues»Has become a little more popular in Korea.

№ 6: Vincenzo

With the highest audience of 14.636% «Vincenzo»Officially ranks 6th among the most watched Korean dora tvN, and is also in the top ten cable dora in general. From the 19th to the 20th series, the series rose sharply in the rankings by 3%, thus earning this honorable position.

№ 5: Queen Chorin – 17.371%

Despite disagreements over the alleged distortion of history, “Queen Chorin»Continues to be a commercial success. The premiere episode of the drama received a rating of 8% and reached double digits after only 4 episodes. «Queen Chorin»Not only ranks 5th in the tvN doram rankings, but also ranks 7th among all doramas broadcast on cable channels, and remains the most popular historical cable dorama to this day.

№ 4: Mr. Sunlight – 18,129%

Project «Mr. Sunlight»Ended with an impressive rating of 18.129%, recorded in the final. The drama had huge production costs comparable to the production of a feature film. Marking the return Lee Byeon Hoon on small screens 9 years later and debut drama Kim Tae Riwritten by a popular screenwriter Kim In Suksuccess «Mr. Sunlight“Lived up to expectations.

№ 3: Goblin – 18.683%

Following «Mr. Sunlight“Follows another drama from the screenwriter Kim In Suk – hit «Goblin». Another interesting similarity between “Goblin»And«Mr. SunlightIs that both pairs of lead actors were nominated for “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” by Baxan, and both protagonists received awards. Since the release of “Goblin»6 years have passed, but his influence still has not subsided. The drama is currently still among the top five cable films in the history of Korean television.

№ 2: Answer of 1988 – 18,803%

«Answer 1988»No wonder it is called one of the most legendary cable doras of all time. Before dropping to 2nd place in the history of tvN and 4th place in the history of cable stations, “Answer 1988»Held the highest position in both rankings for 3-4 years. «Answer 1988»Is highly valued for both quality and commercial success.

№ 1: Emergency landing of love – 21.683%

The crown of the most popular drama tvN has been holding for 2 years now «Emergency landing of love»With the participation of a star couple Hyun Bina and Son E Jin. Towards the end, the project still had lower ratings than “Answer 1988“But that changed when the last episode aired with a rating above 20%, earning a record 21.683%. Among all the doras of cable channels «Emergency landing of love“Takes 3rd place, behind”The world of a married couple»And«Heavenly Castle»JTBC.

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