Top 10 Underrated Anime Teachers, Ranked

The world of anime is full of teacher characters who do a great deal in supporting their students. While there are many teachers that are recognized, there are many that are not. Many good teachers are overshadowed either by the popularity of other anime shows or because they play a supporting role to the main character.

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Sometimes they are outshined by another teacher character. Regardless, these teachers still show the same level of care for their students’ lives, educational needs, and uncertain futures. Some have even shown to go beyond their normal teacher roles to protect their students and encourage them in any way they can.

10 Komoe’s Teaching Passion Is Strong (A Certain Magical Index)

The vertically challenged teacher Komoe Tsukuyomi from A Certain Magical Index Possesses a strong passion for teaching that she even becomes emotional over it. Even though she has the looks of a child with a personality to match at times, she has many adult habits, such as drinking and heavy smoking.

As a good role model, she’s quick to scrutinize her students for copying such habits. She’s good at offering advice to students but only if they feel comfortable asking for it. She’s also known for taking in students who don’t have a place to go .

9 Kokoro Isn’t Afraid To Tell It Like It Is (ReLIFE)

Kokoro Amatsu with hand formed into a fist in ReLife

The lively teacher of class 3-3 at Aoba High School in ReLIFEKokoro Amatsu, also doubles as the coach for the girl’s volleyball team. Despite her young age, she’s very mature and is able to keep a good balance between teaching and coaching. Many of her students find her caring and find the advice she offers to be helpful.

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She’s also known for lacking tact at times with students as well as other teachers. Additionally, she’s not afraid to scold her students for bad habits like smoking or bad grades.

8 Ursula Grows With Her Student (Little Witch Academia)

Ursula Callistis smiling in Little Witch Academia

Ursula Callistis is the astronomy teacher of the Luna Nova Magical Academy from the anime series Little Witch Academia. She’s known for being a kind and humble teacher despite being haunted by her past self. Her feelings of despair change upon meeting Akko, a student who becomes the newly chosen owner of the Shiny Rod.

Ursula decides to dedicate herself as a tutor for Akko. She displays immense levels of care, selflessness, and wisdom that surprise even herself as she realizes the strong teacher-student bond that grows between her and Akko.

7 Sawako Is A Rock Star To Her Students (K-On!)

Sawako Yamanaka smiling in doorway in K-on!

The once wild vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Death Devil who was also a former member of the Light Music Club, Sawako Yamanaka is now a teacher in the series K-On! Additionally, she is now the advisor for the music club.

She tries to keep a gentle demeanor around her students and coworkers but that changes when she is around the club members. She can become quite silly and over-the-top around the club members, but still remains a strong supporter of the group even when she spreads herself too thin for school events.

6 Tetsuo Seeks Equality For His Demi-Human Students (Interviews With Monster Girls)

Tetsuo Takahashi at desk in Interview With Monster Girls

The gentle giant teacher Tetsuo Takahashi is the favorite teacher among demi-humans in the anime Interviews with Monster Girls. At first, Tetsuo offers his office as a safe place for the new demi-humans to talk if needed, but also to learn more about demi-humans themselves.

The more they talk and ask for his advice, he begins to learn about the daily struggles and discrimination they face. His odd curiosity turns into him seeking equal treatment for them and finding ways to create an overall safer environment for them.

5 Masako Is A Beacon For Her Students (Blue Period)

Masako Saeki laughing with a serious face Yatora in Blue Period

The softspoken Masako Saeki from Blue Period is the teacher of the high school’s art club. She is a guiding point for Yatora and many other students as they discover the world of art. She’s good at giving constructive criticism in a way that helps motivate and encourage her students.

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But she also tries to keep things fun and interesting for the students who are there for only leisure purposes. Even as Yatora and other students take prep classes to ready themselves in applying to major art universities, they often return to Masako for advice on art and tough life choices.

4 Karasuma Isn’t As Cold As He Seems (Assassination Classroom)

The professional government agent Tadaomi Karasuma from Assassination Classroom becomes the assistant teacher and physical education teacher for class 3-E. He comes off as strict and cold at first as he tries to keep a professional distance from the students.

However, he begins to grow attached to them as he helps to train them to become assassins and comes to rely on them just as much they rely on him. He often goes out of his way to protect his students but isn’t afraid to reprimand them when they do something wrong.

3 Takeda Wants To See His Students Succeed (Haikyu!!)

The super polite Ittetsu Takeda from the volleyball anime Haikyu!! has proven his value many times over to Karasuno High boys’ volleyball club. Even though he was assigned to be the coach and advisor, he never let his lacking knowledge of the sport get him down. Instead, he used it as a driving force to help the team succeed.

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His persistence helped in securing matches and an additional coach with experience. However, he still shows he takes his job as a teacher seriously when some of the players begin to show low grades. He’s always able to offer his team encouraging words when they need it most.

2 Mayuko Fights For Her Students’ Futures (Fruits Basket)

Mayuko Shiraki holding notebook in Fruits Basket

Mayuko Shiraki from Fruits Basket is loved by many of her students despite her occasional aggression. She may have a hard exterior, but she isn’t afraid to have fun or wear her heart on her sleeve a little. She usually intervenes when least expected, like dumping a bucket of cold water onto some hot-headed students who were fighting.

Mayuko’s protective nature shows whenever she displays great care for her students and takes their futures seriously. This really shows when she isn’t afraid to speak out against rude parents and their behavior towards their children.

1 Heine’s Lessons Go Beyond The Classroom (The Royal Tutor)

Heine Wittgenstein in The Royal Tutor

The newly appointed tutor Heine Wittgenstein in The Royal Tutor is an abnormally calm individual whose feathers only get ruffled when mistaken for a child. He’s first met with hostility by the four princes who have chased off multiple tutors before him, but he’s eventually able to make a unique bond with each of them.

He takes time to really understand them and learns of the deep scars they carry while trying to help them heal. He teaches them the normal educational lessons inside the palace but also teaches them real-world lessons that can only be learned beyond the gates of the palace.

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