Tsivin insulted Batalov’s widow in court

Lawyer Mikhail Tsivin, accused of fraud with real estate and savings of Alexei Batalov’s widow and daughter, did not hesitate to express himself at the next court hearing and did not have a special ceremony with the artist’s widow Gitana Leontenko. The accused stated that she “survived the madness”, hinting to think of “that world” when she asked him to return her property.

The Zamoskvoretsky court named the places where money was written off from the accounts of the victims – Gitana Leontenko and Maria Batalova: restaurants, perfume shops, lingerie shops, gas station.

Witnesses did not come to the Zamoskvoretsky court, which is hearing a high-profile criminal case, this Friday, so the state prosecutor decided to publish written materials of the case. Almost the first announced document shocked. The statement on the initiation of a criminal case, written by Gitana Leontenko at the end of 2020, documented the disgusting details of the scandal that broke out shortly before the secret became clear.

“In early July 2020, I asked Tsivin to give me the key to the bank cell, which was issued in my name, which contained all the documents, cash, personal belongings of my late husband.

In response, Tsivin stated rudely that I had already survived the madness, that at my age they were not thinking about money or other property, but were going to the world that I had little time left to live.

Pro Masha said that she needed to be asked about her incapacity and his appointment as a guardian. He never gave me the key. All this alarmed me, “Leontenko wrote.

Gitana Leontenko also explained why the guardianship initiative, which Tsyvin and Drozhzhina insisted on, upset her so much:

Mikhail Tsivin’s attempts to become a guardian completely deprive us of the opportunity to assert our rights and legally manage our property, isolating us from all our friends and acquaintances, which he did for two years. At my request to leave us alone and return all property, money and personal belongings back, he said that we would regret it. “

Gitana Leontenko also asked to deal with the Batalov Foundation, which arose under extremely strange circumstances.

“We also began to worry about the Batalov Foundation, which was founded on the initiative of Mikhail Tsivin,” Leontenko wrote. and a lawyer who rented Batalova’s non-residential premises (later it became Drozhzhina’s property). It is noteworthy that the alleged lawyer Narek Kostanyan, who was present at the meeting, did not know anything about his role as a founder, and the victims were surprised to learn about the meeting: Please conduct an inspection. “

Gitana Leontenko explained that they tried to reach an agreement with Tsivin in a good way:

“Before writing this statement, I repeatedly tried to agree with Mikhail Tsivin on the return of our property on a voluntary basis, but his consent was never obtained. He and his wife Natalia Drozhzhina not only caused us significant damage, but also deprived us of a particularly large amount of property, including living quarters. “

The prosecutor announced where Leontenko and Batalova’s savings had gone: Auchan, Obi, Decathlon, Ochkarik (more than 17,000 rubles were spent on optics), L’Etoile (more than 40,000 rubles). “Intimissimi”, as well as gas stations, restaurants, including fast food.

Defendant Natalia Drozhzhina was pensive and sad on Friday. But Mikhail Drozhzhin was full of sharpness. During the break, he told reporters:

– Go home, nothing interesting today, some numbers, thieves … Today is a master class “How to rob a pensioner.”

The accused dreamily said:

– Now I would like cognac … For half a penny, I can still.

The defender did not support his client, saying that he did not drink from the word at all.

After the trial, Tsivin spoke unflatteringly about Batalov’s widow: video

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