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Astrologers told which of the representatives of the Zodiac Circle awaits a waterfall of pleasant surprises in the next 5 days. Only two signs of the Zodiac will be able to snatch a lucky ticket, which will open the door to the white stripe and bring many pleasant moments. They will be able to meet new achievements, and they will be accompanied by good luck in everything.

Scorpios will be especially lucky in business in the next 5 days. Thanks to the increased level of charisma, they will gain popularity and start public activities. In their personal lives, they will also receive pleasant surprises, gifts and compliments. Astrologers are confident that this period will be an ideal time for creative realization in any field.

Tauruses in the coming days they will be able to set a clear goal and start moving towards achieving it. They will gain a good reputation and honor from the leadership. Any action will lead to professional growth. Thanks to this, they will be able to make a good career in the future. now the representatives of this Sign will be able to satisfy their ambitions, but for this they will have to show initiative and activity.

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Stylists called it a fashionable replacement for a classic leather jacketAccording to fashion editors Stylist, the best replacement for the same type of leather jackets this spring will be oversized bombers.

An article about fashionable outerwear this spring was published by Stylist. According to the editors of the portal, it is oversize bombers that will be at the peak of fashion in the coming months. During the winter fashion week, they literally filled all the catwalks. There you could see both bright and printed options, and laconic monochrome. Combine bombers this season with any clothes, cocktail dresses and mini-skirts, classic trouser suits and jeans.

Bombers made of leather and eco-leather can be seen in collections of all levels, from mass market to luxury: JW Anderson, Cos, Asos, Bershka and many others.

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A new production of heating glass for 473 million rubles will be launched in BashkortostanIn Ufa, they plan to open a new shop for the production of energy-saving glass. The investor is the company “Bashkir heating glass”. The amount of investment in the company is estimated at 473 million rubles. This project was presented at the next “Investment Hour”.

Raliya Davletshina, a representative of Bashkir Heating Glass, said that the technology of making energy-saving glass has not yet been used in Russia or in the world. According to her, the room is heated by connecting double-glazed windows to electricity, which will work as a heater and infrared irradiator. The temperature can be adjusted automatically and the range varies from 0 to 65 degrees. It is worth noting that the heating is directed only to the inside, due to which heat loss is almost non-existent.

The Bashkir Heating Glass notes that such heating may be an alternative for the spring-autumn period, when the central heating is turned off. Such double-glazed windows can be compared to gas heating in terms of costs. Yes, 1 sq. Km. meter of such glass is able to heat 10-12 square meters of space.

The President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov instructed the Ufa City Hall and the Ministry of Land Property to assist the investor in selecting a suitable land plot for the creation of a new shop.

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Who to entrust your savings to: 5 zodiac signs that know how to handle other people's moneyFew people can handle other people’s money well. Many succumb to provocations because of their greed and envy. We enclose to find out which zodiac signs you can entrust your savings to.

Despite the sensitivity Fish, they can solve any issue when it comes to money. They know how to help those who are in a difficult financial situation, especially those who need this help.

Tauruses do not like liars and are honest people themselves. They believe that hard and honest work will bring good earnings. They will never take risks. Therefore, they can always be relied on in financial matters.

Virgos are methodical, practical and ready to do their job honestly, so they will not be able to do badly with other people’s money. You will not experience stress if you entrust your finances to the representatives of this Sign, told The Times of India

Scorpios always think about security when it comes to money. They always stand for the truth. Anyone who deceives them at least once will become an enemy for them, to whom Scorpios will take revenge. They never lie about money, which is why they have earned the trust of others.

Capricorns are able to carefully manage the budget. Therefore, you can entrust your money to them. They will be able to do everything as organized as possible.

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Bashstat: Industrial production index in Bashkortostan again exceeds average in RussiaIn the Republic of Bashkortostan in February, the industrial index amounted to 109.2% compared to the same period last year. Thus, in January-February 2022, the figure rose to 112.4% compared to the first two months of 2021. This is evidenced by the data of Bashkortostanstat.

It is worth noting that the growth of the industrial index in the republic was faster than in Russia as a whole. Thus, the index for the country in February was 106.3%, and in two months – 107.5%.

In January-February 2022, the production of the raw materials sector grew by 42.5% in the region, and manufacturing increased its index by 10.5%. In the energy sector, the index decreased by 1.5%, and in the sphere of water supply, sewerage, waste collection and disposal, as well as pollution elimination – by 0.9%

Production of electrical equipment showed an increase of 4.1 times, production of medicines increased by 1.7 times. Production of metal products increased by 42.8%, production of motor vehicles – by 33.8%. Growth in the production of food, paper and paper products, wood processing, repair and installation of machinery, as well as in the production of furniture, rubber and plastic products was recorded at 11.3-22.9%. Production of coke and petroleum products increased by 2.5%, and production of chemicals – by 2.1%.

The largest decline was shown by the production of clothing, which fell by 34.5%, computers, electronic and optical products – by 30.6%, as well as the production of leather and leather products – by 20.4%. The production of textiles, beverages, other finished products and printing products also showed negative dynamics.

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A true friend: Top 5 most devoted cat breedsIt is believed that cats are wayward animals that walk on their own. However, even among these animals there are those who can show extraordinary devotion to their man.

Ragdoll capable of melting the heart of any person. These are very affectionate and devoted pets who quickly become attached to their owner and will not tolerate loneliness. In addition, these animals are extremely smart, writes Profile.Ru.

Sphinx is an extraordinarily intelligent cat who loves all members of the family. Despite their unusual appearance, these cats are the most loyal who will be with you no matter what.

Tonkin cat is a mixture of Siamese and Burmese cats, and therefore gathered all the best qualities of these members of the feline family. They understand perfectly what they want from them and never show aggression towards the household. In addition, they quickly become attached to people.

Burmese cat is a devoted animal that will be wary of strangers, and therefore periodically behaves like a watchdog. These are sociable and smart pets who are able to learn tricks and do not even mind walking on a leash.

Abyssinian cat loves attention and is very playful and curious. They quickly find common ground with people and even children. In addition, they are trainable. They are attached to all family members and are very worried about parting with the owner.

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