Ukrainian “Bachelors” at war: Dobrynin and Mikhailyuk in defense, Chmerkovsky and Makatsaria volunteer


April 15, 9 p.m.



The heroes of the popular reality shows STB “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelor”, whose personal life was watched by the whole country, volunteered to defend Ukraine from the Russian occupiers. But there are also those “Bachelors” who remain silent, despite the fact that they were born in Ukraine or worked here. Not a word about the war was uttered by the British coach and a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth || Francis Matthew Romanov (his Instagram page has been inactive since December 2021), Russian plastic surgeon Andrei Iskornev and Ukrainian singer Rozhden Anusi, who is building a career in Russia (he deleted his Instagram posts).

Max Chmerkovsky (1 season)

The war caught American choreographer of Ukrainian descent Max Chmerkovsky filming the STB project “Dances. World of dance” in Kiev. A week later he went to Poland, from where he reached the United States. And three weeks later he returned to Poland, where he worked with local dancers and the country’s former first lady to work with volunteer organizations to help refugees.

In America, Chmerkovsky has Latin American dancer Peta Margatroyd and son Shai Alexander.

Konstantin Yevtushenko (4 season)

The most scandalous of the heroes of “The Bachelor” businessman Konstantin Yevtushenko from the first days of the war helps migrants and coordination centers, organized the collection of cryptocurrency in exchange for NFT. He promises to direct all proceeds to address the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians.

Sergey Melnik (5 season)

Footballer Sergei Melnik has been fighting Russian propaganda on social media since the beginning of the war, helping volunteers and refugees, and buying medicine for hospitals and military hospitals. The athlete does not indicate his location.

Irakli Makatsaria (6 season)

After Russia’s invasion of our country, the Irakli Makatsaria Foundation launched a charity marathon, raising millions of hryvnias to help Ukrainians, and organized humanitarian aid for refugees in Poland. Together with representatives of his Save Ukraine Foundation, the businessman also visited Latvia, where he spoke with Riga Mayor Martin Stakis and Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich.

Irakli helps to send humanitarian aid to refugees Photo:

Irakli helps to send humanitarian aid to refugees Photo:

Dmitry Cherkasov (7 season)

At the end of February, the hero of the seventh reality season Dmitry Cherkasov volunteered to defend Ukraine from the Russian occupiers – the swimmer joined the ranks of terrorist defense. Dmitry’s wife posted a picture of him in social media in camouflage uniform and with a weapon.

– Two lives of one person. Is this really possible in 2022, – said in the post.

Nikita Dobrynin (9 season)

After the Russian invasion, Nikita Dobrynin took his family to Ternopil, and he returned to the capital to defend his homeland from the occupiers. At the same time, together with relatives, he helps migrants to find housing. On social networks, Dobrynin posted several pictures in camouflage clothes and with a machine gun in his hands, showing how he stands up for the night duty.

“Preparing for the evening,” the TV presenter signed the photo.

Max Mikhailyuk (10 season)

Pilot Max Mikhailyuk also joined the ranks of the defense and posted a photo on social media with a machine gun in his hands, signing: “Pats on motorcycles, and motorcycles without gasoline.”

Mikhail Zalivako (11 season)

Businessman-logistician Mikhail Zalivako publishes memes on social networks and ridicules fakes invented by Russian propaganda. Location does not indicate.


What do the participants of “Bachelors” do

Maxim Tarapata

Participant of the second season of “Bachelors” and one of the favorites of Zlata Ognevich Maxim Tarapata joined the ranks of the territorial defense of Kiev. The businessman together with volunteers helps the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine to buy the necessary things for migrants. He organized a fundraiser on social media and called for help for those in need.

– I do not want Kyiv and Ukraine to become a civilizational vacuum for years. I do not want to live with the thought that I could have prevented it, but did not take the necessary action. Every man makes his own decision. Many are busy taking women and children to safety. This is important and necessary. But remember – we also need to ensure that our women and children have a place to return to! It is our duty, – he added.

Andrey Zadvorny

Andrei Zadvorny, the winner of the “Bachelor-2” reality show, also joined the ranks of the defense. The businessman helps the defenders of Kyiv and the residents of the capital with humanitarian aid on a daily basis, as well as supports volunteers who raise funds for the ammunition needed by the army. On social media, he showed how to deliver products to the needy:

– While I am in the reserve of Territorial Defense, we do not sit idly by, but do here and now what we can. Until we are mobilized by the government, everyone must mobilize for themselves and contribute to the common victory. “The army, the defense, migrants, the sick, the elderly, children, homeless and domestic animals – now need help,” he wrote on Instagram.

Ilya Rybalchenko

Businessman Ilya Rybalchenko, who fought for Ksenia Mishina’s heart in the first season of romantic reality, is defending Kyiv as part of the 112th Terrorist Defense Brigade in the sapper group. In an interview with reporters, he admitted that he joined the battalion in the first days of the war and quickly got used to the new schedule – he has to sleep only 3-4 hours a day.

– I had no idea to go to war. But after the siren sounded, I went to the basement and realized that I, as a man, can not sit with women and children when my country is being bombed, – said Ilya.


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