Unity unveils photorealistic techno-demo Enemies – with improved hair animation

The teaser was launched with a resolution of 4K at 30 fps on a computer with an Intel i7 processor and RTX 3090 graphics card.

Enemies technology has been unveiled at the GDC developer conference. Unity has been working on the video for more than a year, its director was Veselin Efremov, who worked on previous animated short films by The Heretic, Adam, Book of the Dead.

The main changes in the engine, according to the authors of the demo, steel improved lighting, shadows and hair animation system. Tools such as Adaptive Probe Volume, SSGI, ambient occlusion, and ray tracing were used for lighting and shading. Due to the detailed geometry and the large number of light-reflecting elements, the developers did not use lighting maps and SSR.

The movement of the hair was modeled in real time: the hairstyle was animated so that its structure was preserved, but the strands were as dynamic as possible.

The digital model of women in Enemies was created using 3D and 4D scanning to capture textures and movements. In the future, Unity plans to use the system of simulation of muscles and facial expressions, created by Ziva studio.

The demo version worked with the highest graphics settings, 4K resolution was provided by DLSS. Unity has made this demo with reduced settings so that it can be run on less powerful PCs as well as on consoles.

The tools used to work on Enemies are expected to be released in the second quarter of 2022.

Unity bought the Ziva Dynamics studio, which created muscle and expression simulation systems persons

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The company plans to use the technology in conjunction with Weta tools to work with 3D graphics in real time.

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