US intelligence has provided Ukraine with plans for a Russian offensive on Kyiv

US intelligence provided the Ukrainian leadership with plans for a Russian operation to attack Kyiv, which may have played a key role in repelling it in the first days after the February Russian invasion. He writes about this with reference to the sources of The Wall Street Journal in a large article on Russia’s preparations for the invasion of Ukraine and the US attempts to prevent it – and at the same time help Ukraine prepare for an attack.

According to the American publication, CIA Director William Burns secretly visited Kyiv in mid-January, met with Vladimir Zelensky and told him about the plans of the Russian military. At that time, it is alleged that US intelligence already knew that the main blow would be struck from the territory of Belarus through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Intelligence also knew about plans to occupy the airport in Gostomel near Kiev and use it as a bridgehead.

The airfield was indeed captured on the first day of the Russian invasion, February 24, by landing from helicopters, and Russian troops began an offensive on Kyiv from the north. However, the Ukrainian military managed to organize a defense on the Irpen River and did not allow the Russian army into Kyiv. The front stabilized.

A few days ago, Russian troops began to leave the Kiev region. On April 2, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the complete liberation of the region. In a number of its settlements great destruction and casualties. In the city of Bucha, which has been occupied by the Russian military for more than a month, journalists saw dozens of bodies of dead civilians. Many of them are said to have been blown up by mines. There are also shots with a shot to the head with his hands tied. There are no official figures on the number of victims yet.

  • An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin has aimed to subjugate Ukraine throughout his 20-year rule. In November last year, preparations for the invasion entered the final phase, and at the same time the United States began warning Moscow of the consequences of harsh sanctions – first behind closed doors, during a visit to Russia in November by Burns (Putin allegedly told him then). that Ukraine is “not a real country”), and then publicly. The article also talks about how the United States discussed preparations for a possible war in Ukraine with Western allies. According to journalists, not all allies believed US intelligence that Putin was indeed planning an invasion.


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