US President Biden: Putin “pressed against the wall”

US President Joe Biden believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “pressed his back to the wall” – due to the lack of decisive success of the Russian army in Ukraine. According to Biden, Putin underestimated the unity of the Western world and the strength of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression. He stated this in Washington at a meeting with business representatives.

At the same time, according to Biden, the more Putin is “pressed against the wall”, the more aggressive tactics he can resort to. He cited Russia’s use of hypersonic weapons as an example of such aggressive tactics, thus officially confirming that the United States had recorded the use of hypersonic weapons. According to Biden, Russia has launched a hypersonic missile because “it is the only weapon they can use with confidence as a result.” Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced two cases of using Dagger hypersonic missiles against facilities in Ukraine.

The US president also expressed concern that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine. “When he starts talking about something he says NATO, Ukraine or the United States are going to do, it means he’s preparing to do it himself. I’m not kidding,” Biden said. Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukraine was allegedly preparing to stage a provocation with the use of chemical weapons. The US president also stressed that the United States has no chemical or biological weapons in Europe.

The US president stressed that Ukraine is effectively using weapons received from Western countries, which, he said, “creates chaos for the Russian military, their tanks, helicopters and planes.” The United States and its allies supply Ukraine with, in particular, air defense and anti-tank weapons.

Biden will leave for Europe on March 23, where he will take part in the NATO summit on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on March 24 and visit Poland on March 25. The United States will discuss with its allies the possibility of tightening sanctions against Russia and further arms supplies to Ukraine.

Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. For almost a month of fighting, Russian troops managed to occupy part of the country, however, according to Western intelligence, the military objectives have not yet been achieved. In recent days, the advance of Russian troops has virtually stopped. Fighting continues mainly in Donbass, as well as missile strikes on various targets in Ukraine.


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