US Senators Deem “Possible” Potential Care of ActiBlizz’s Bobby Cat Without Punishment for Company Problems

They are asking the Federal Trade Commission to find out whether the situation in the publishing house will get worse after the agreement with Microsoft.

According to The Wall Street Journal, US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker and Sheldon Whitehouse have written an appeal to the Federal Trade Commission. They expressed concern about Activision Blizzard’s agreement with Microsoft and its possible consequences for employees.

Senators are dissatisfied with Bobby Kotik’s so-called “golden parachute” in the form of tens of millions of dollars and call it unacceptable that after the operation he could leave the publishing house without responsibility for the problems of Activision and the company’s employees.

In addition, senators are asking the regulator to understand whether the situation in Activision will not get worse after the deal.

The Federal Trade Commission should consider whether the agreement will worsen the problems of these companies. Previously, they could no longer protect the rights and dignity of their employees.

at the request of senators

The senators were not impressed by Microsoft’s statement that it would do its best to help Activision employees. The appeal called the purchase “a cynical attempt to take advantage of systemic problems within the publishing house.”

The same goes for the statement that Microsoft will not “hinder” the Raven testers’ union. Senators believe that this wording is too vague and still leaves the company able to prevent the creation or operation of a union.

Microsoft’s agreement with Activision Blizzard will be considered by the Federal Trade Commission in one way or another, and the media has previously noted that its approval is usually more difficult to obtain than from the Ministry of Justice. Commission Chair Lina Khan is known for her attitude towards IT giants, which can influence decisions.

“If the deal fails, the stock price will fall significantly”: ActiBlizz called on investors to approve the merger with Microsoft

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The company’s management warned shareholders about the possible risks of disrupting the deal, and the US Federal Trade Commission has meanwhile requested more documents to verify the deal.

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