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In the Saratov region, a criminal case has been launched against State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin and Saratov resident Alexander Gnoshev, who are accused of illegal elk hunting. In the autumn of last year, police detained Mr. Rashkin in the Lysogorsky district of the Saratov region. In the trunk of his car was a dismembered carcass of an elk. Today, the deputy told reporters that he had finished hunting, he asked the court to limit the fine and is ready to fully compensate the damage caused to the farm. The defense believes that the court intends to consider the case as soon as possible.

The Kalinin district court of the Saratov region has begun consideration of the case of the deputy of the State Duma Valery Rashkin (Communist Party). The meeting was closed to the press due to restrictions in many courts of the Saratov region related to coronavirus infection.

Valery Rashkin and his friend Alexander Gnoshev are accused of illegal elk hunting on the territory of the regional society of hunters of the Lysogorsky district (Article 258 of the Criminal Code).

Speaking to reporters before the meeting, Mr. Rashkin said that after the incident he decided not to hunt anymore.

“I have decided for myself that I willingly tied up and will not go to it again. I voluntarily gave all my weapons to the store for sale. Closed the weapons storage permit. A lot has been experienced, a lot of stress. I will be involved in charity, I will help the development of the animal world. But to take a gun to shoot is neither the heart nor the soul, “said the communist.

Valery Rashkin also noted that he had already compensated the damage in the amount of 400 thousand. rubles., paid for examinations and transferred funds for feed “for three years ahead” in a charity fund. Now the only requirement for it is to provide the forest with live elk. “There is an elk. He is in the Irkutsk region. Where will I take him now? If there is no document on where to bring it, who will receive it, does he need food, does he need any surcharge. This is a whole procedure, and I am ready to go through it. I made such a statement to the hunting committee of the Saratov region, “said Valery Rashkin.

According to him, the moose, which he is ready to bring to the Saratov region, two and a half years, its cost – 200 thousand. руб. excluding logistics costs.

Valery Rashkin together with Alexander Gnoshev was detained by police in the hunting farm of the Saratov region on October 29 last year. In the trunk of their Lada Largus, police found fragments of a dismembered elk carcass, an ax and two knives with traces of blood. As the deputy smelled of alcohol, police officers suggested that he be tested for alcohol in his blood. The deputy refused this procedure, in connection with which the magistrate’s court deprived him of the right to drive a car for a year and a half with a fine of 30 thousand. руб. At the end of November 2021, the State Duma gave Prosecutor General Krasnov consent to prosecute Valery Rashkin, and the GSU SCR investigated the case. Valery Rashkin admitted that he killed an elk, but claims that, firstly, he was sure of the legality of his actions, and secondly, looking into the thermal imager of a hunting rifle, he was sure that he was shooting a wild boar.

In early March, the State Duma agreed to send a criminal case against Valery Rashkin to court. Prior to that, he applied to the Investigative Committee of Russia with a request to terminate the criminal case with the imposition of a court fine. He justified his request by the fact that for the first time he was prosecuted, he was charged with a felony, he admitted his guilt, and the damage amounted to 400 thousand. руб. completely repaid. The GSU TFR did not support this idea, the lawyers planned to raise this issue again in court.

Valery Rashkin’s lawyer Konstantin Lazarev said that the court apparently plans to consider the criminal case as soon as possible. “In our opinion, the court together with the prosecutor’s office is engaged in a race and intends to continue the hearing on April 1. Neither Valery Rashkin nor the defense were notified. We were only notified of the March 31 meeting, which was only scheduled to determine the schedule of meetings. It is unclear why this is being done, because the judge is well aware that both defenders are Muscovites, “said Mr. Lazarev.

Sergei Petunin, Saratov


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