Vampire Survivors will receive 9 rake characters, 5 levels and 16 weapons before release


When Vampire Survivors first appeared on Steam in early access, its content was estimated at 60%. The game had 7 rake characters, 22 weapons, 12 bonuses, 1 stage and 23 achievements.

Thanks to the tremendous success and support of players, new content came out much faster than expected, and the roadmap was significantly expanded. The number of rake characters planned for version 1.0 of the game has doubled, as has the number of stages with the introduction of bonuses / tasks. A dozen new weapons have been developed and a handful of new bonuses have been added.

All we have at the moment (before the current patch), according to the creator, is about 70% of the total content in the new roadmap to version 1.0, but this does not even include content that will bring to the game two new game mechanics.

The first of these, Arcanas, will appear in April and will open a whole new level of viable builds and strength fences.

Instead of the Story mode mentioned in the early access notes, a new basic game mechanics will be introduced into the game, but which one has not yet been decided, the main candidate is some endless mode.

The new engine, performance issues and promised features are postponed

According to the author, when he launched Vampire Survivors, all he wanted was to have a small game that would allow me to have fun creating new game content in my spare time. Thanks to the crazy support of fans and good luck, which happens once in a lifetime, the game was incredibly successful.

Helping my friends solve all the problems caused by such a huge player base soon became impossible, so I started a parallel project to transfer VS to a standard game engine with the help of reliable freelancers.

The transfer to the new engine is going smoothly, and the project is already quite suitable for the game, not only lacks polishing and content, but we also conducted comparative tests that showed a tenfold increase in productivity (and frame rate).

The migration is going well, so some of the features promised back in January have not been developed in the current version, such as key reassignment, localization of text according to available space, and so on. It’s just more efficient over time to implement these things directly in the new engine, and the same goes for worrying about game performance and hardware compatibility.

The author noted that the new engine ensures that the VS will also run like clockwork. It is planned to release a version on the new engine in the summer. The executable file will be completely different, but Savedata will of course be moved.

Mobile version and other games

Initially, Vampire Survivors was released on Android, only in a couple of test markets, and it worked terribly. It was so bad that the author just decided to stop the development and transfer it to a PC. With the new engine, the game works great even on mobile devices, so hopefully we’ll see a normal version of the bagel in stores soon.

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