Vanya Dmitrienko told how he took Sasha Ice away from another guy

The young singer cared for blogger Sasha Ice for a whole year.

Vanya Dmitrienko. Photo: Global Look Press

The singer of the hit “Venus – Jupiter”, 16-year-old Vanya Dmitrienko, meets with blogger, singer and figure skater Sasha Ice (19-year-old Alexandra Nabatchikova). In a new interview, the young man told how this relationship began, and the story turned out to be full of passions. According to the guy, he “chased” this girl for a year.

The young couple met at one of the parties, when Vanya was not yet in the cage of his breakthrough hit. Sasha invited him to her birthday, and it turned out that she already had a young man.

“I looked at her and couldn’t even think that something could happen between us. Because I see that they have a relationship there, all that, why should I climb… In the end, it worked. I them (the relationship of Sasha and her boyfriend. – Note aut.) destroyed “, – admitted Dmitrienko on the YouTube show” Alena, damn! “. “But I’m not proud of that at all.” This is hardly a reason for pride. “

Sasha invited Vanya to star in one of her videos, at the end of which the plot was to kiss. And her young man was present at this shooting and saw everything. The kiss between the two young stars was quite childish, but the singer had feelings in his heart, and he began to regularly invite the girl to go with him somewhere. During one of the trips to the movies, Vanya confessed his love and then began to actively care for Sasha.

“I gave flowers, we talked, had dinner, walked. I tried to spend time together. Of course, it was very difficult for her, because she understood that I was taking care of her, and she had a young man, that he was gradually beginning to understand what was happening. Although Sasha tried to keep me at a distance… – the singer recalls. – And in the end they part. She tells him, “Let’s break up, because I can’t.” They break up, and I’m starting to go on the offensive. “

In the end, he won the girl’s heart, but after a while there was a misunderstanding between them, and Vanya disappeared, and Sasha returned to his former boyfriend. However, this comeback did not last long, and the girl called Dmitrienko to her again. And at that moment he had already managed to spin a new novel – especially to forget his girlfriend.

“I tried very hard to get away from this relationship. Because it hurts so much, this first love is damn sensitive always… These were very strong feelings, I wanted to run away from them. Because it was such a serious story. She had a young man, and I cared for her for a long time, and it felt like I was sharing her with someone. “

But when he started dating another girl, Vanya still thought about Sasha, which hurt his new girlfriend. For advice on how to get out of this situation, the singer turned to his mother, and she advised to tell everyone the truth. As a result, Dmitrienko explained to the girl he had replaced his true love, and returned to Sasha, realizing that he was not as comfortable with anyone as with her.

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