Vasily Nebenzya presented evidence of provocation in Bucha

Russia’s envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya demonstrated at a briefing evidence of the provocation in Bucha, including a video with the mayor, where he does not mention the allegedly killed civilians.

On April 4, Ukrainian authorities released photos and videos depicting civilians killed in Bucha. They blamed the Russian armed forces for their deaths, and Vladimir Zelensky called what happened “genocide.”

Vasily Nebenzya reminded that the Ministry of Defense announced the withdrawal of the Russian military from Bucha on March 30.

“This fact was confirmed the next day by the mayor of Bucha. In his March 31 video, Anatoly Fedoruk presented the withdrawal of Russian troops as a victory for the Ukrainian army. Interestingly, he did not mention any mass atrocities, bodies of those killed, murders or anything like that. It is difficult to imagine that the mayor forgot to mention such a devastating scenario, “the envoy said.

Journalists were shown a video at the briefing, in which Bucha’s head looks happy and smiling. “It is difficult to imagine that he is behaving like this against the background of the massacre in the streets,” the Russian envoy said.

Nebenzia then showed photos of boxer Jean Belenyuk, who visited Bucha immediately after Ukrainian security forces entered the city. He also looks smiling. Belenyuk did not mention the dead and atrocities.

In addition, Vasily Nebenzya shared a video taken by the Ukrainian National Guard in Bucha and published on April 2, which also shows no casualties on the streets. The diplomat pointed out that the video with the bodies appeared on the city roads only on April 3. “It is full of inconsistencies and outright lies,” he said.

On April 5, the Telegram-channel RT published a video of Bucha City Council deputy Ekaterina Ukraintseva. In it, she reported on the April 1 sweep of the city by Ukrainian security forces, including the SBU. In her video address, she asked residents not to interfere. Neither she nor the security forces claimed that civilians had been killed at the time.


At the briefing, Vasily Nebenzya expressed his confidence that the truth about the provocation in Bucha would soon become known. “What happened in Bucha is an operation under someone else’s flag, carried out by the Kiev regime and its Western sponsors,” he added, not ruling out that the purpose of the provocation was intimidation.

The Russian Defense Ministry previously described the photos and videos from Bucha as “another provocation.” According to the military department, during the stay of this settlement under the control of the Russian military, “no local residents were affected by any violence.”

It is emphasized that the units of the Russian armed forces completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30. The ministry also added that exits from the city to the north were not blocked, while the southern outskirts, including residential areas, were fired upon by Ukrainian security forces from large-caliber artillery and multiple rocket launchers.


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