Vera Brezhneva fled to Poland

The singer took her youngest daughter Sarah with her, and the eldest Sonya lives in the United States

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Vera Brezhneva moved to Poland. The singer, who fled abroad, is actively involved in charitable activities, she told fans.

Vera Brezhneva was born and raised in Ukraine. At a young age, she got into show business. For many years, the artist earned in Russia, giving concerts across the country. She rarely gathered in large concert halls. She earned more at corporate parties for big money.

The singer amassed a fortune and acquired a luxurious property. And the other day it became known thatThe woman fled Russia to Poland with her youngest daughter, Sarah. Elder Sonya has lived in America for a long time.

“The soul does not stop hurting, tears do not stop shedding, it is impossible to get used to the horror. I also can not get used to how much kindness there is in people, it is shown by acquaintances and strangers. Now is a time of bad news, but good people,” 40-year-old blonde on the blog.

Only Russian fans do not believe in the sincerity of the Faith and do not approve of her actions. “Finally, this talentless singer has disappeared from Russia! We hope we will not see her again!”, “Why did she run away, from whom?”, “How false and treacherous she is!” – honest people are indignant.

But a few years ago In an interview, Vyacheslav Manucharov said that she did not consider herself a Ukrainian singer. Like, her work is associated with Russian listeners. I was not a Ukrainian singer, because I did not participate in any of the “Song of the Year”. It so happened that Ukraine itself did not perceive me as such. Moreover, when I came to “VIA Gru”, my first concert was in St. 16 years ago, I started touring all over the CIS, all over the world, “she said.

Since 2015, Brezhnev has been married to Konstantin Meladze. During this time, the couple acquired luxury real estate in Italy, expensive housing in Moscow with its own parking space, a mansion near Moscow, as well as two apartments in the center of Kiev in an elite residential complex with gym, office and library.

The stars most reverently treat their mansion in the Italian town of Forte dei Marmi. Vera is studying Italian in order to become a full-fledged inhabitant of a European province as soon as possible.

In the suburbs of Moscow Brezhnev bought a couple of years ago separatelyThe house is located in an elite suburban village, which is 19 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The area of ​​the two-storey cottage is 400 square meters. Realtors estimate the value of houses with such an area in this village at 1 to 1.5 million dollars.


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