Vera Brezhneva’s daughter living in the USA: “My only wish is to return home”

However, so far Sonya does not know when she will have to come home, because in America she continues to study, and there are certain obligations.

“I’m 21! Thanks to mom for giving birth to me in a hospital in Dnepropetrovsk. At that time I did not know that I was born in a better country. I was lucky to grow up here, to go to our schools, to study a rich and incredible history. When I was 16, I decided to continue my studies in America. I believe that we will all be able to return to Kyiv, I believe that I will be able to walk with my family in Mariinsky Park again. My only wish is to return home, ”Kipperman admitted.

As for the star mother of the birthday girl, she is staying in Italy – here Vera Brezhneva has luxury real estate.

It will be recalled that the singer has recently been included in the list of artists for whom performances in Russia are limited. But the other day director Brezhneva said that the actress agrees to sing for our oligarchs for several million rubles. The audience hastened to condemn the singer, calling her an unscrupulous and treacherous person. Brezhnev had no choice but to refute the words of her representative.

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“My dear subscribers! Fake information about me is already appearing on the Internet. You are thinking and adequate for me. Please filter the information you read and see. Don’t get carried away! ” The 40-year-old blonde was indignant.

By the way, not the most pleasant rumors about Brezhnev have been circulating for a long time. In particular, about her marriage to big businessman Mikhail Kiperman, Sony’s stepfather.

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“Kiperman provided Faith with great blessings. In Kiev, she was escorted by security guards and flashing lights to the plane, she was transferred to business class in Moscow. And here a simple taxi was waiting for her, unguarded, and Vera was driving. Jealousy played on Kiperman! And who knows what happened to her there, on tour. Kiperman tormented her with jealousy. According to the rider, she relied on one guard, especially in the regions. There always had to be security on the floor. That was justified. And Mikhail always asked the security guard’s number to call him and ask if Vera was all right. As a result, she moved further and further away from him, so I think there was a divorce, “said producer Kirill Chibisov, who worked with Vera a few years ago.

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