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The head coach of the Merseysiders about the match with the Hornets, Gomez’s game and much more.

In the 31st round of the Premier League, Liverpool beat Watford 2-0 at home. Goals were scored by Diogo Jota and Fabinho (from the penalty spot). Jurgen Klopp’s post-match comments to your attention.

About the game and the result

Such matches can go according to different scenarios. After an international break, he rarely manages to show his best game. Watford played very organized, it was not easy for us. Roy Hodgson does a great job. After 1: 0, the pattern of the game did not change, they still acted on the counterattack. In the first half they had a one hundred percent moment, but Alison saved us. In general, after the goal we controlled the game, although it was uncomfortable. After the second goal, of course, it became calmer. We needed this victory, and the guys secured it.

About Joe Gomez’s game

Joe’s top match. He built the first goal and made another great cross that could lead to a goal. I didn’t ask him to replace Trent, I told him to be himself. Joe is an outstanding player. He will still have matches until the end of the season. His exit today was logical, and he managed both in defensive action against Watford’s fast wingers, and in helping in the attack. This is not his favorite position, but he can play here. This skill helps us a lot.

About the busy weeks ahead

I appreciate that we are in this situation. If we were told at the beginning of the season that we would win one trophy by April and fight in all the other tournaments, we would all agree, of course. It would be even better to have a gap of twenty points in the championship from the City, but it is impossible! Everything is going well, we are enjoying this situation. We are not favorites in any of the remaining competitions, but what a difference. We will try.

About how he managed to play back from Manchester City, which was 14 points

When you are 14 points behind, the only thing you think about is how to get into the Champions League zone. So we just set a goal to get stronger in the top four, and then how will it go. We can’t influence City matches. I watched their games, and even when they didn’t win, the level was still incredible. We just tried to play our best football and ended up here.

About the penalty for a foul on Jota

I haven’t reconsidered the moment yet. But I always said that no matter where the ball is, but wrestling in the penalty area can not be done. Everyone wants to see the goals scored, and there will be more of them if everyone in the penalty area defends themselves according to the rules. You can’t throw an opponent on the lawn with a wrestling technique, and it doesn’t matter if the ball is near or not. I always thought so, but it was seldom put into practice. I repeat, I did not reconsider the moment, but was surprised when the judge went to the monitor.

About Curtis Jones’ injury

I don’t know yet if this is serious. He twisted his ankle and asked to tape, he was ready to continue the game. But we decided to replace it so as not to take risks. I was not told more about the damage. Everything is fine with Joel, he got a little hit on the head, it’s just a bump, no big deal.

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