Video game developers raise the pirate flag

Independent Russian video game developer Four Quarters allowed users to download their games from the RuTracker torrent


Russian indie developer Four Quarters has allowed you to download your game Loop Hero on torrent trackers. In the official public in “VKontakte” even posted a link to the largest pirate site RuTracker.

Indie studios create independent games in small groups, without the financial support of the publisher, so these projects do not find breakthrough graphics or technical innovations. Such games win over audiences with an interesting idea, atmosphere and unusual gameplay.

Loop Hero came out in late 2020. It is sold through an international online platform for buying Steam video games for 400 rubles. In December 2021, the number of copies sold exceeded one million. However, now it is impossible to buy it there because of restrictions, notes co-founder of Four Quarters Peter Vetkin:

– In connection with all these events, sanctions and other restrictions, it is now very problematic to buy the game legally. And we were often asked in personal messages how to do it. We were just tired of answering all by ourselves, so we decided to make a post that suddenly found a great response.

– And what about other developers?

– It depends on the personal relationship, but in general, if this situation continues, it seems to me that many developers will also not mind. We want to play our games.

– Are there any alternative ways to monetize for you?

– There is an Epic Games Store for Russian users, it is also a launch store. Its audience in Russia is much smaller than Steam, but there is. And other sites are still closed, except for some detours, which still need to be used properly. Now there are no legal ways to buy video games from Russia. Some developers are coming out, and you can sell the keys directly through third-party stores, but we haven’t done that yet.

More than a million copies sold are no accident. The game has a very high rating on the international site Metacritic – 83 out of 100 on average, excellent press.

By the way, the distribution of Loop Hero on RuTracker is updated fairly quickly. According to the authors of the game, now you can download the latest version. Of course, the Four Quarters did not open this hand. You can find a pirated copy of anything on the Internet, and Loop Hero has also been available for download since the game’s release. The developers simply gave their permission to players and helped those who wanted to find a link to a torrent that they thought was reliable.

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