Viktor Tikhonov brings Salavat Yulaev the second victory in a series with Traktor: News: Continental Hockey League (KHL)

Traktor head coach Anvar Gatiyatulin did not receive a victory from his hockey players as a birthday present.

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Salavat Yulaev (Ufa)

3 – 1

Tractor (Chelyabinsk)

“Salavat Yulaev” took the lead in the series with “Tractor”

Salavat Yulaev (Ufa)

Salavat Yulaev


3 – 1





Tractor (Chelyabinsk)

After two meetings in Chelyabinsk, which resulted in a draw, the confrontation between “Tractor” and “Salavat Yulaev” gradually moved to Ufa.

Anwar Gatiyatulinhead coach of “Tractor”:
– We understood that we were playing away, we expected that the opponent would be more active. The plan was, we failed to fulfill it. Nevertheless, the guys tried in every game episode, spread out, but not everything worked out. In the third period they were able to add a little, play sharper, but there was not enough completion. Maybe there weren’t enough emotions today. We needed to concentrate more on our game, and we started to spray a little. We have a day to conduct a detailed analysis and eliminate the mistakes that were made.

The day of the next match became a holiday for the head coach of “Tractor” Anvara Gatiyatulina, who turned 46 years old. He, like Tommy Lyamsya, did not make any changes in the starting lineup, entrusting places to all the same proven fighters.

The hosts started the match quite actively, trying to take control of the puck. Periodically, they received positional attacks, but they did not reach truly dangerous situations due to the densely organized defense of Chelyabinsk. The guests, although they threw less often, steadily sharpened the game in someone else’s zone, forcing Alexander Sharychenkov to work hard. In one of the episodes Andrey Zubarev met with a beautiful power reception at the board Evgenia Kulika, breaking the applause of the fans. And at 11 minutes Gleb Kuzmin raised the whole stadium to his ears, with a characteristic metallic ring, hitting the puck under the crossbar.

Tommy Lamshead coach of Salavat Yulaev:
– We were able to return to our hockey, which we expect from the team. The guys completely devoted themselves to the game. We made adjustments in the game in equal numbers compared to the second match in Chelyabinsk. As we can see, today our game has improved. Alexander Kadeikin did not have the best match today. I will note our young players and the energy they give to the team: Pustozyorov, Kuzmin, Pimenov, Alalykin. They work great, but now it’s only the middle of the series, so they have to keep progressing every day. Victor Antipin started training, skating on ice, but in the next match, we probably won’t see him.

At the beginning of the second period Victor Tikhonov realized the majority. The Chelyabinsk team did not have a numerical advantage, but when they played in threes against five, Lukasz Sedlak sent the puck forward, it was intercepted by a runner from the penalty box Tomasz Gika – and reduced the bill.

Nikita Tertyshnystriker of “Tractor”:
– Salavat Yulaev is a good team that plays Finnish hockey. It is very heavy, it is difficult to get through it. As for emotions, we may not have had enough of them today. Emotions come with goals scored, as was the case after Tomasz Giki’s puck. I will not say that the opponent is bloodless in connection with the departure of foreigners. Do you want to humiliate Russian players ?! They play great, plus there are young people who come out in their place – they came out of the shadows.

In the third period, Ufa did not play to keep the score. Towards the end, the guests took the initiative, arranging a real assault. To some extent, fortune played for the hosts, and with the end of the attacks on the hockey players of “Tractor” not everything went smoothly. Two and a half minutes before the siren Vladislav Kartaev caught absolutely unnecessary removal in another’s zone, leaving “Salavat Yulaev” in the minority. The owners had to make great efforts to survive, and seven seconds before the siren Nikolai Kulemin managed to throw the third puck into the empty net.

Danil AlalykinSalavat Yulaev striker:
– We do better when we play emotional hockey and pressure. When we are not waiting, when we play with the puck, we control it. And when we play brazenly and boldly against “Tractor”. In this case, the opponent begins to bounce off the puck. I think we need to continue to be active, aggressive and, most importantly, emotional.

# Gagarin Cup

Salavat Yulaev


Three stars

Victor Tikhonov
He threw the puck, which became victorious.

Gleb Kuzmin
He proved to be the best again by opening the score.

Tomasz Gika
Scored a goal in the minority.

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