Vlad Sokolovsky told how he helps his beloved with the newborn

18:25, 02.04.2022

The singer shared the footage with the baby.

Today, 30-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky spoke about raising his son. Beloved artist Angelina Surkova gave birth on February 18. The boy was named David. For the model, the baby became the firstborn, and for the singer – the second. He has a daughter, Mia, from Rita Dakota. By the way, the eldest child has not yet met the newborn. However, Sokolovsky hinted that a meeting between the brother and sister would take place soon.

The artist admitted that Angelina spends most of her time with the baby, but Vlad always tries to help her, even at night. “I am working and trying to provide for us, but of course I want and will participate in all the processes concerning the baby!” – Sokolovsky assured. (Spelling and punctuation of authors here and further are given without changes. – Note ed. ). By the way, on March 22, the couple went for a walk with their son in the park for the first time. The model’s mother was present with them Oksana. Surkova told about it on social networks. Then the model shared footage of Vlad carrying a newborn in a stroller. Today Sokolovsky published joint photos with his son, but the child’s face is not visible in the photos.

Vlad Sokolovsky with his son

Vlad also talked about Angelina’s well-being after giving birth. According to him, the beloved feels great. She has almost come to her prenatal form, but she wants to improve herself and come to better results. The singer called his girlfriend positive and surprisingly resilient. The artist believes that her pregnancy only adorned her, and current experience makes the girl more whole internally. Vlad admitted that it is nice to watch the growth of a loved one.

During her pregnancy, Surkova gained 12 kilograms, but her excess weight did not embarrass her. The model noted that she really likes the changes in the figure. At that time, she felt especially feminine, beautiful and loved. After the birth of the baby, Angelina took up the figure. On March 21, the model went for a run for the first time. At the time, Vlad said that she was jogging because it still hurt her to do more serious exercises. On March 24, Surkova demonstrated the results of her work on social networks.

Vlad Sokolovsky with his son

David was born by cesarean section. Childbirth lasted 40 minutes. According to Angelina, after epidural anesthesia, she experienced a slight panic because she stopped feeling her body. The shock was so vivid that Surkova almost forgot how to breathe. When the model first saw the baby, she cried with happiness: “It seemed unthinkable to me that now he is here, outside my body. “Did this little man live and develop in me for 9 months?” when I sang, laughed, danced, when my face was pierced by the rays of the Thai sun, when salt water hugged my body, when my beloved man kissed my stomach and talked to him, when I played sports, when I meditated…? ».

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