“Vyalbe offered me to take Stupak and Maltsev into my group. In addition, Yakimushkin is coming to me, ”said Yuri Borodavko – Skis

The coach of the Russian national cross-country skiing team Yuri Borodavko spoke about the changes in the composition of his group in the upcoming season.

– Elena Vyalbe announced changes in the lineups for next season, as well as the departure of Marcus Kramer. How will your band change?

– First of all, I want to thank Marcus for everything he has done for Russian skiing. I am very sorry that such a strong specialist, a good friend is leaving. It is sad that this parting happened this way. I believe that we will communicate with him regularly, and I hope that he will still work in the Russian national team.

In connection with this situation, Elena Valeryevna offered me to take Yulia Stupak and Artem Maltsev into my group. I have already talked to Artem, we have found a common language. Julia is now recovering, we haven’t talked to her yet. Maybe she won’t want to work with me after the conversation. I can’t dislike anyone. In addition, Ivan Yakimushkin joins me from Oleg Orestovich Perevozchikov’s group.

I have certain requirements for all athletes, regardless of their status. I have been adhering to these requirements for many years. We all have to play by clear rules, so that later there is no such thing that someone did not expect something. I always try to clarify the situation before working with any athlete: we need to understand what we want from each other and what we strive for.

I want to say that these are only preliminary layouts that must be approved by the FLGR presidium.

– But not only experienced athletes will come? Most of the junior team is moving to the adult level.

– We really have a whole galaxy of good athletes growing up, whom I respect with great respect. We have junior girls “on the issue”, as it is called. I see in them the future of our women’s team.

There is nothing to hide, Natalia Nepryaeva has long lobbied for her younger sister to join us in the group. So from next season Daria will train with us. In any case, it is planned. There are certain benefits for me in this, but I will not reveal all the secrets.

I see a lot of positive things in her coming. We will work to reveal the talent of the young athlete. It will be a great incentive for Dasha to work with strong skiers in one group. I hope that her adulthood and transition to a new level will pass quickly.

Nikita Denisov will come to me from the junior guys. I managed to work with him last October in Ramsau. During two weeks of joint training, I saw a purposeful and thoughtful athlete who feels his body well enough. And he is not a “capercaillie”. Nikita responded well to the remarks that were in his favor on the technique.

– Will any of the athletes leave the group?

– Yes. Yana Kirpichenko will work with another coach. Unfortunately, in the final season we did not succeed, her health failed, but Yana is a very strong athlete who remains in the ranks of the national team. When she fully recovers, she will start working in another training group. 12 athletes will work with me, – Borodavko said.

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