“Washington” – “Dallas” – 2: 3, video, Ovechkin repeated Gretzky’s record for seasons with 40 goals

Ovechkin repeated Gretzky’s achievement! And became the second in the history of the NHL with 6,000 shots

Elena Kuznetsova

Ovechkin repeated Gretzky's achievement!

For the 12th time in his career, Alexander scored at least 40 goals.

Captain of “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin continues to climb the ladder of historical achievements – the match with “Dallas” became his 1259th career, by this indicator he surpassed Henri Richard and Ray Ferraro and came out on a single 84th place in NHL history. But Ovechkin is expected to score goals and assists every day – in the last eight matches he has scored seven accurate shots.

However, first another Russian hockey player scored – the one from whom little was expected. For Alexander Radulov this is only the fourth goal in the 55th match of the season – the striker has never had such depressing statistics. Today, he worked well when correcting a piglet.


The “stars”, who are fighting for a place in the top eight, started the game very briskly and did not limit themselves to one goal. Very soon Jon Klingberg hit the bar, and at the end of the period Roope Hinz patrolled the error of the “capital” and implemented a one-on-one. The hosts changed too slowly, playing in the minority, and missed the opponent’s quick attack.

Washington had enough of their majority, but none of the three attempts in the first period was successful, while Ovechkin made his first shot of the match and the 6,000th of his career. He became the second player in league history after Ray Burkewho got to this impressive mark!

“Washington” provided another statistic – since his debut in the league Ovechkin has made 2229 more shots than the nearest pursuer! So the simple advice that Ovi once gave to young players who want to score more works 100% – throw more.

Ovechkin’s goal came in the second period – the most powerful shot in most of the throw-in circle after Yevgeny Kuznetsov won it. The Big Eight extended the scoring streak to four games and for the 12th time in his career scored at least 40 goals per season, repeating a unique achievement Wayne Gretzky.


Meanwhile, there are already 124 goals left before the main record of the Great Gordy Howe – 31 puck. Plus, Ovechkin returned to the top three snipers of this championship, catching up with Chris Crider. Only Leon Dreisitl (41 goals) and Oston Matthews (46) remain ahead in this race.

Ovechkin is the best of his kind in NHL history.  What other legends will he go through until the end of his career?
Ovechkin is the best of his kind in NHL history. What other legends will he go through until the end of his career?

Kuznetsov set a personal record thanks to the transfer – his current series of results has lasted for nine matches. During this time, the striker threw six goals and gave six assists.

Washington failed to develop a successful impulse – most Dallas today worked like clockwork. The second violation of the hosts also did not go unpunished – again at the forefront of the attack was Hinz. In the third period, Jake Oettinger continued to hold the last line of defense, but the error of the “stars” on his blue line led to a goal Dmitry Orlov!! The defender rolled into someone else’s zone, received a pass and reduced the gap to a minimum with a sniper throw. On the day of various achievements, Orlov repeated his personal record – for the second time in his career and for the first time since 2018, he scored 10 goals in the season.


The assault on the Dallas goal was impressive, but Oettinger dragged even in the most difficult moments, including throwing John Carlson into an almost empty corner. However, the dividends from this activity could not be taken out – “Washington” interrupted the winning streak, which numbered four matches, and “Dallas” put in the piggy bank two important points.

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