We are almost guaranteed to be left without the 2022 World Cup. So let’s use this time to create a new Russian team

CAS refused to transfer the Russian national team to the Russian national team. Everyone inside football did not expect a different verdict. And in general, let’s be honest – the chances of the Russian national team to play in the 2022 World Cup are zero whole and vanishing few tenths. This does not mean that we should not continue to fight. This does not mean that it is not necessary to file lawsuits and shake FIFA in all instances. After all, it is very interesting to see how the CAS will be twisted, trying to find at least some legal basis for excluding us from the World Cup. But at the same time it is necessary to clearly understand – if the Russian national team is at the 2022 World Cup, it will be a miracle.

We must calmly look reality in the eye. FIFA will not let us in the 2022 World Cup. Because he is afraid of démarches and boycotts. And choosing between the national teams of England and Russia, it is clear who the officials of the International Football Federation will prefer to leave behind.

We will not be allowed to attend the 2022 World Cup because FIFA is afraid of losing sponsors. And among them – Adidas, Coca-Cola, Sony, VISA, Budweiser, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s. Everything is as if on a selection, as if written out from the latest news about sanctions… And TV contracts, rich Western fans-tourists… So we can dream about the World Cup or the head-to-head matches.

Sochi midfielder Kirill Zaika has been invited to the Russian national team for the first time. Photo: RPL

But it’s better not to just dream. It is better to think about the future.

About the selection for Euro-2024, for example. And to build a new Russian national team for this selection. Hungry, daring and young. Perhaps this is what Valery Karpin should do now. If, of course, he intends to continue to head the coaching staff of the Russian national team.

But if we need a new young team, and if we have time to build it, then there are a lot of questions to who is now invited to the team Valery Karpin for training.

  • There, for example, is 35-year-old Anton Shunin. The Dynamo goalkeeper, who was not remembered in the national team after mistakes at Euro 2020. Can you imagine Shunin at Euro 2024?
  • Or Kirill Zaika suddenly appeared in the Russian national team. The Sochi defender is almost 30 years old, and he spent almost his entire career in clubs such as Taganrog and Khimki. Yes, now Kirill is plowing the flanks of the RPL, and in general a great guy who got from “Sochi” to the top of the standings. But is he the future of the Russian national team?
  • Sergei Terekhov, another defender called by Karpin, is soon 32 years old. He is also worthy of respect for breaking into the national team at that age. And he’s really good for RPL right now. But do you see him in the 2024 national team?
  • Or Alexei Ionov. He is 33 years old, so in 2024 he will be 35. But if the future of the Russian national team is connected with him, then maybe he is, such a future?
Fedor Smolov, Russian national team
Dynamo’s Fedor Smolov did not reach the national team due to a sore throat. Photo: Reuters

And 33-year-old Artem Dzyuba, 32-year-old Fedor Smolov, 30-year-old Anton Zabolotny were invited to the Russian national team for the March training camp, after which there will be no official matches and no need to get blood from the nose.

All of them did not arrive – people are adults, have their own family affairs. And health is no longer like killing for a week under the load for a control (and, now you can – friendly) match with the youth. But Valery Georgievich called them for some reason. And the same Valery Georgievich, who a few months ago on the barricades promised to rejuvenate the failed Euro 2020 team. In a set with bold football and reboot.

So, about rejuvenation and reboot. Suddenly there was a time and opportunity to do everything.


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