“We keep the Russian national team. The Ministry of Sport confirms the provision in full, no reduction of rates is planned, “said Victor Maigurov – Biathlon

President of the Union of Biathletes of Russia (SBR) Viktor Maigurov spoke about the situation with the material support of the national team.

– We keep the Russian national team, the Ministry of Sport confirms this to us. So that the strong train with the strong and we are ready to return to international biathlon at any moment.

– Why have our favorite biathletes at IBU been fashion lawmakers for the past few weeks? They are the first to throw us out of the process every time for some reason.

“It’s not just the last few weeks.” Remember the story after the Olympics in Sochi: IBU is the only federation that has brought the SBR to the status of a temporary member. Although no doping investigation has been proven so far. There have been accusations, but the evidence is coming only now, and not at all.

I can’t say for sure what this has to do with. On the one hand, they show their commitment to the purity of sport. As for doping – okay, there is no dispute. In the current situation, the composition of the IBU executive committee is multinational – I associate it more with this.

– Do you have any contact, at least personal?

– There is an informal contact by e-mail, telephone conversations. At the beginning of May, we have planned the next round of our conference on the implementation of the anti-doping program. We communicate well with Secretary General Niklas Carlsson, he coordinates the work of all offices, with some other members of the executive committee.

– Is there an understanding that, apparently, we will not start the next international season in the cup family?

– We are adjusting to this.

– What will we do if the international career of our biathletes is suspended?

“We’re about ready for that.” There are 9 Russian Cups, there are 9 World Cups – they will be held in about the same time: the block in December, the block in January (perhaps part of this block will be held in Raubichi), in February some distances of the Czech Republic will be held during the World Cup. Then the March bloc and the Czech Republic.

– Stadiums are well known: Tyumen, Raubichi, Khanty, Ufa?

– Traditionally, we will start in the north, then move to the central part. We have planned the Russian Junior Championship in Krasnoyarsk, and as for the big championships, Khanty-Mansiysk and Tyumen have been alternating lately, today they are one of the best stadiums, not to offend anyone.

“Is there money for all this?”

– As for sports training, the Ministry of Sports confirms the provision in full. There are no plans to reduce coaching rates, rates of athletes, specialists. We are quite optimistic.

– Are you going to attract sponsors or the state in addition to encourage those who will perform in the Russian Cups?

– On the one hand, the Ministry of Sports is considering the motivational part. On the other hand, we have agreements with athletes at the SBR level, where the motivational part is provided. They will be revised, bonuses will be taken into account.

We will consider these bonuses for athletes who train in the regions, – said Maigurov on “Match TV”.

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