“We need to let go of what is not up to you”

The wide audience saw in full growth Maria Akhmetzyanova, actress of the series “Youth”, “Sorge”, “Trigger”, in the project “Year of Culture”. In the social comedy about the adaptation of a Russian official in the countryside, she played the lead role of Sofia Belozerova – a slightly bloc lady, an associate professor at the Department of Russian Literature in Verkhneyamsk.

The second season of the series has just been broadcast on the Premier platform, and it will soon be shown on TNT, and Teleprogramma decided to discuss with the actress how this image was created, whether Fedor Bondarchuk will make his partners laugh and why he needs to leave the comfort zone.

– The shooting of the second season took place long enough, what do you remember, can you remember? Were you happy to return?

– Yes, about three years have passed between the shootings, this story is very dear to all of us, all this time she was with us. How to keep love in yourself. I returned with outstretched wings, excitement, new strength and love.

– Was it that real cultural workers addressed and wrote after the first season? Like, so inspiring, honest and similar! Everything is arranged that way!

– Yes, they wrote. They are very pleased that such a good ironic film is being made in Russia. They wrote that it is very important to touch upon such topics. And, of course, all the heroes, and in particular Sonya, are incredibly funny and very close to them. In general, a very large audience. From small to large. Lots of responses that inspire!

– How was Belozerova created in general? Are there any bits of character in it that you really crossed paths with? Or references from favorite movies and literary works?

– She is a collective character, she has everything that I collected in a piggy bank with the help of observations all these years: movements, reactions, emotions. She is unique and unique, like any other person.

“Love gives confidence”

In the second season of “Year of Culture” Sofia Belozerova (in the foreground) felt like a woman. Photo: PREMIER

– We have been waiting for the second season for a long time. Is Sofia transformed? Judging by the first series, she became clearly bolder and more confident.

– Sophia is changing a lot. First, she had a man, she finally felt like a woman, and attention for a woman – the most necessary. This is what affects the work, everything is interconnected. Secondly, she is more in a balanced, harmonious state and love gives confidence and strength to do the job even better. She had a very important support in the form of Orlovsky (the hero of Peter Fedorov – assistant teacher and yogi. – Author). Feelings and emotions come to life.

– How does Peter Fedorov’s new hero reveal the heroine?

“That’s exactly what she’s been waiting for.” After all, life sooner or later rewards us, and sometimes takes away, even if it seems unfair, thus trying to do better for us. Orlovsky is still a smart handsome man. Next to him, Sonya finally realized that happiness depends on harmony in personal life and at work. She began to devote more time to herself, flourished and shone. Orlovsky knows what words and gestures to choose at the right time for her. He relaxes her at the same time and does not give up. Sweet couple.

– What is Belozerova’s main conflict with the surrounding reality?

– She lives with her heart, head and soul – and will never go against important values. And she has the power of the spirit. And even with such inner strength, she remains very feminine. This is very important. The main conflict is that she is right in this wrong world. It is difficult to fight.

– Which scenes impressed or remembered the most?

– There was a scene where I had to ride with a goat in a dark car. Too little space for two goats in one car (laughs). At the same time I was with my hands and mouth tied. Dangerous, given the huge horns. The goat was big and kind. However, at some point I just started chewing my hair, my ear, my dress.

The actress has given ballet for 12 years, so it is a trivial matter for her to freeze on the beach in a twine.  Photo: personal archive
The actress has given ballet for 12 years, so it is a trivial matter for her to freeze on the beach in a twine. Photo: personal archive

– Just like Kusturica. And how did you shoot the episode with the staging of the play in the Verkhneyamsk recreation center, where Fedor Bondarchuk is wearing a tailcoat?

– The scene in historical costumes is very funny, it’s like an attempt to save the heroes – through the play “Inspector”. I will not reveal the cards in advance, you have to look here. I can say that Fedor Sergeevich likes to bully both in the frame and behind the scenes. It was difficult not to prick, especially in the first season, when there were kilometers of text in rich Russian and they were very difficult to reproduce quickly. Then “hello” to our screenwriters flew. And Fedor Sergeevich in general is our main inspirer.

“We need to let go of what is not up to you”

– In one of the scenes, Sofia calls to get out of the comfort zone. Do you practice it yourself?

“Of course.” If you constantly sit in the comfort zone, there will be no development. It’s a crash right away. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right levers for yourself.

– And yoga, like Orlovsky, do not do? Stretching, judging by Instagram, you have excellent.

– Yoga – no, but I go to barre training (a combination of elements of ballet, Pilates, strength exercises and yoga. – Ed.) And TRX (exercises on vertically suspended loops. – Ed.), And the twine has remained since the days of ballet, all – I devoted 12 years to it.

– On Instagram, you admitted that sometimes just before the start of filming, the actor or actress can be removed from the role, even if it has long been approved. Are such moments hard to bear?

– It hurts, especially if it’s the role of your dreams, and it was claimed for one and a half to two years while training. There is nothing to do, there are many difficult and unfair moments in life and in the process of work, this is a serious test. Give up and lose or become stronger and win. It is important to learn to let go of what is not up to you.

For Dani's son, Maria tries to be a friend, not a teacher.  Photo: personal archive
For Dani’s son, Maria tries to be a friend, not a teacher. Photo: personal archive

– Have you ever thought about what you could do outside of the profession?

– According to astrology, my vocation in life is a lawyer. And the truth is, since childhood I tried to protect those who are weaker, to stand up for those who are true, but lack the strength of spirit.

In general, in life I like not only to develop and try new things, I like to help those who need help.

– How is your son doing? What are your hobbies?

– Plays basketball at the school of the Olympic reserve. In addition, he studies well, loves mathematics. So far, we are trying to combine the necessary knowledge with sports.

– What, in your mother’s opinion, is the most important thing when looking for communication with a child? How to find the same contact?

– It is important to be his friend, not a teacher. Make it clear that he is a person and his opinion is important. Be able to listen, help and give freedom and protection under the big mother’s wing (smiles).

“What future would you like, Dana?”

– The one that will bring him happiness. The main thing is to grow up to be a man with a capital letter and a real man. And everything else will work out.

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