“We understand that patience is over”: The authors of Halo Infinite explained the delays with the content, but the players did not like the answer

Halo: Infinite from 343 Industries was released in December last year and was highly praised by critics, and its shareware multiplayer and Game Pass release reached 20 million players. However, since its launch, the game has faced a number of difficulties: technical problems in multiplayer, lack of new content and delays with promised features such as Forge and the cooperative campaign.

Community Director 343i Brian Jarrard recently wrote on Twitter before the March news release for the community that a future Halo Infinite blog will focus on reviewing reviews for the first season, adding that many of the things being developed for the game are in the early or other stages of production and do not yet have an exact date of appearance.

Some members of the community criticized this. On Reddit, one commenter asked the developers not to leak and to be honest, and In response, Jarrard acknowledged that there are “many tasks and obstacles” that delay the release of updates..

“Of course, we are not happy that we cannot live up to the expectations of the players and the community. This is a difficult situation and it takes time for the team to understand it.”

“Now we are focused on the second season, and in the coming weeks there will be something to share. At the same time, there are many production plans, calculations, planning, hiring, etc., which does not allow us to share detailed information. and, to be honest, I think he’s tired of words. But we need time for the team to understand the nuances, and then we can share as much information as possible with you. “

This answer was also not admirable.

“Bro, no offense, but how can your studio of hundreds of developers have difficulty releasing new maps, modes and cosmetics?”

“Excuse me, but what’s going on? How are you still in the hiring and planning stages five months after launch? Am I misunderstanding?”

“Usually, plans and projects are signed for months and years ahead. It is impossible for what is still planned to be implemented in the near future. How did it turn out?”

343 Industries has previously confirmed that two new Spartans will appear in the second season of Halo: Infinite, as well as new modes and maps, while the campaign cooperative has been postponed again.

The start of the season is scheduled for May 3.

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