“We understand that the community’s patience is running out, but we need time.”

The Halo Infinite community has been complaining for months about the slow development of the game and the delayed release of new content. For example, the previously announced cooperative will not be released on May 3, along with the second season, as originally expected, it will have to wait longer.

Brian Jarrard, director of community affairs at 343 Industries, told Reddit players that the studio was also unhappy, but needed more time before it could share.

We really have a lot of limitations and problems. We are certainly not happy because we can not meet the expectations of the players, and to understand this difficult situation, the team needs time. We are currently focused on the second season, the details of which we will share in the coming weeks. At the same time, we are busy planning, recruiting and more. This is being worked on, and detailed updates are usually not made.

We understand that the patience of the community is running out, and the players, frankly, are tired of words. However, we need time to understand the tasks, and then we will share what we can.

Brian Jarrard

director of community work

The players were not satisfied with this answer. In particular, they were surprised that Jarrard mentioned planning and recruiting – something that the studio, in their opinion, should have taken care of before the release. The community believed that 343 Industries thus actually recognized that it operated without a specific plan for the future.

The second season at Halo Infinite is scheduled to start on May 3. It does not have specific details about the content yet.

The cooperative at Halo Infinite will not be released on May 3, along with the second season – its release will be a little later

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The developers have not yet announced the exact date.

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