We waited 13 years. WhatsApp has introduced a long-awaited feature that everyone needs

The most popular, widespread and popular messenger on the market is WhatsApp, and it is simply hugely popular around the globe, as many people actively use it, finding this software the best and most attractive of all available on the market. In recent years, its functionality has expanded significantly, so that now anyone can use it not only to exchange text messages, as after its launch in 2009, but also to use many other features, which many do. Recently, the audience of this service has exceeded 2.4 billion people.

This software is just hugely popular, as many people are actively using it. With its help you can not only exchange text messages, but also make voice calls, video calls, share locations, transfer different files to each other, as well as perform a bunch of different other actions without experiencing any difficulties and difficulties. . Everyone and everyone who wishes to do so is guaranteed to be satisfied with all the features and benefits that this messenger contains, especially since you can use it for free. You do not need to incur any monetary costs.

But not everyone likes certain features of WhatsApp Messenger. The developers understand this, so they considered it necessary in April 2022 to rid everyone of the consequences of the unpleasant features of the service. As you know, to start a chat with someone, you must first add their phone number to the address book so that it appears in the contact list. Only then will you be able to write a message and start a conversation. However, it is really very annoying, especially when you need to contact a person once to clarify this or that information. If recently this was a problem, now it is not.

WhatsApp Messenger has added to the beta version of the Android and iOS smartphone app the ability to start a conversation with someone without having to add their phone number to the address book. Many people have been waiting for such a feature for 13 years, because no one could have imagined that one day it will finally be available to users. So far, the innovation is available only in test collections of messengers, but by the end of April 2022, all others who use stable versions of the program from the App Store and Google Play will be able to enjoy this advantage. This feature, no doubt, will please many people, offering everyone the opportunity to change their lives for the better and not clutter the list of saved recipients.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber services combined into one messenger, providing maximum usability.

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