What a legacy she left to Alexander Yakovlev’s children

This summer, Alexander Yakovlev, who was remembered by viewers for her roles in such films as “Crew” and “Wizards”, was to celebrate her 65th birthday. But the plans are not destined to come true, as well as the actress’ dreams of making a film based on her own script. On April 1, the star of Soviet cinema passed away, losing a long and difficult battle with oncology.

Alexandra Yevgenyevna learned about the malignant tumor in 2017 at the last stage. At that time, doctors gave the actress no more than a few months, but she, not used to giving up, did not give up and with her inherent optimism began the struggle for life. As a result, instead of three months, Yakovleva lived another five years, returned to the acting profession and even played in the theater in the production of “Two Women and a Lieutenant”, written especially for her by Tatiana Moskvina. In the fight against cancer, the star was supported by colleagues, fans and friends. Well, the main support for her has always been children. Alexandra Yakovleva has two of them – a 42-year-old son Kondratiy and a 45-year-old daughter Elizabeth. They were born in the first marriage of the actress with the actor Valery Kukhareshin.

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Elizabeth gave Alexandra Yevgenyevna three grandchildren: Artem, Timothy and Jan. And Kondratiy has one child – his daughter Anastasia, who followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and decided to connect her life with the railway. Yes, the star of “Sorcerers” worked at RZD for a long time after leaving the cinema and took part in the launch of high-speed trains “Sapsan”.

Alexandra Yevgenyevna’s daughter lives in Moscow. After graduating from GITIS, the star heiress is staging performances at an orphanage near Moscow. Kondratiy’s son and his family stayed in Kaliningrad, the actress’ hometown. There he heads the Kaliningrad Suburban Passenger Company. Alexandra Yakovleva was very close with the children. Despite the fact that in recent years she has lived mainly in the Northern capital, she often visited her heirs, they called daily and supported her mother morally and financially. At the same time, Yakovleva always said that she did not want the children to leave everything and come to take care of her.

“My children support me financially as much as they can. Both Lisa and Kondratiy are around all the time. Some people in my situation want their children to give up and come to take care of their parents. And I don’t want them to give up – I want them to take care of their families, their children, themselves. I know for sure – if I need something I will call my son or daughter and they will be there in an hour. Lisa and Kondratiy always help me, ”said the star.

In addition to Alexander Yakovlev’s acting career, she held other professions. And in all spheres she was a real star. But at the same time she did not gain much wealth. Prior to the perestroika, the actress starred in three dozen films and during this time became the owner of an apartment in Leningrad. In 1993, the actress announced the end of her acting career and moved with her children to her native Kaliningrad, where she had an apartment from her grandmother. After selling the inherited apartment, she returned to the Northern capital, but since there was no work at the time, the savings quickly ran out. The search for a job led Alexander Yevgenyevna to the threshold of a company called “Technoshock”. This was the first venture of Oleg Tinkov, whom the actress always remembered with gratitude for the fact that he believed in her and taught her everything.

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I will always be grateful to Oleg, he saved my family from starvation, taught me the hard, scary word “business”. Trained to behave properly in harsh and tough negotiations, in the glider, when all the men around and only I am a woman. And Oleg took my son between school and the army, “said Alexandra Yakovleva.

A little later, the actress bought a cottage in the Leningrad region. The house, located in the village of Ulyanovka, 10 kilometers from the city, costs about seven million rubles. The above-mentioned apartment in St. Petersburg is estimated at more than 13 million rubles. Apartments and cottages – that’s all the modest legacy of the star of the “Crew” and “Wizards”, which will go to her legal heirs in the person of a son and daughter.

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