What are their enemies?

“And not a friend and not an enemy, but – so…”.

Vladimir Vysotsky.

The other day I caught myself thinking that I don’t know what Ivan Urgant looks like. All these years I confused him with another Urgant – his father, Andrei, but since now all the news channels are “smeared” by this very Urgant, willy-nilly I had to look. I found the first program I came across on YouTube with his participation. It lasted for nine minutes. Flat, uninteresting, uninformative.

The presenter, who is considered to be almost a media guru and a soul hunter, seemed terribly boring to me, although he kept smiling and joking. If it weren’t for his high-profile departures (and already – arrivals?), I would still believe that Urgant is completely different, and he is leading something (leading? Will lead?) On such a TV channel. Yes, there was also Nina Urgant – a Soviet actress, good as everything Soviet. It seems to be Ivan’s grandmother.

But! Society swayed again. And why? Cheerful wonder-stars and youth wow bloggers rushed towards ethnically native Israel. Or maybe not Israel. Or maybe they didn’t break, but crawled. It came to the point that Dmitry Peskov was forced to say a few words, or rather – a whole speech. So, let’s give the floor to the speaker: “Sobchak, Urgant and Todorenko are not enemies of the state. We have people who were scared when it all started. Some of them left. He said I was going on a long vacation. Everyone acted differently. But there are those who were scared and who did not understand. And they are not enemies of the state. I am convinced. “

I will say at once – I did not look for who this Todorenko is, because he is lazy and not curious, like all total snobs. I had enough of Ivan Urgant. And it is so clear that he is not a nuclear physicist or even a ballet soloist from the provincial house of culture. What can I say? The spokesman is absolutely right. What kind of enemies are they? I think the enemy is, at the very least, an evil will connected with the intellect. Someone equal, with whom you are not ashamed to go to the arena.

When Anna Netrebko is called a “traitor”, I understand and share this opinion. Moreover, I grieve that it will have to be deleted. Netrebko – a unique voice and the presence of cerebral convolutions. This is a milestone in the development of opera. And she – alas. That is, all her actions, words, gestures – the result of choice, and it is wrong and scary. But jokers and laughers, “blondes in chocolate” and that unknown to me Todorenko – they can (as Peskov rightly said) get scared, get dressed up and screw up.

This is not the kind of homo-sapiens to shame them and call for decent behavior. They can. Enemies, as well as friends, must be carefully selected so as not to get stuck in the brown substance obtained during the gastrointestinal tract. Society must stop reacting violently to the escapades and jokes of all sorts of show-girls from the crooked House-2 (or where did they all come from?). By discussing their intrusions on social media, misdemeanors, shopping and outfits, you slide below the plinth, and when you call it all “creative elite”, you become stupider than the monkey from which they came, according to Charles Darwin. Hatred is a high, selective feeling. It is demanding, as is love.

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