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Well-known comedian, pop artist and singer Vladimir Vinokur celebrates his 74th birthday on March 31. There is no doubt that Vladimir Natanovich owes his creative success and professional achievements only to himself. He sought everything on his own and taught this to his only daughter, whom he raised as a worthy heiress of a famous surname.

For many years, the artist Vladimir Vinokur is known as an exemplary family man. The comedian has been happily married to his only wife Tamara for almost 50 years. The couple got married at the dawn of the actor’s career, raised a talented daughter, and now souls do not tease the grandson. Anastasia was a long-awaited child, in addition, she grew up in a creative family. It seemed that all roads would be open to the girl, but her life and career did not always go smoothly.

Anastasia Vinokur was born in 1985. At that time, her parents had been married for 11 years. Vladimir Natanovich was looking forward to his daughter and was in seventh heaven with happiness, but he had not only a family, but also a rapidly developing career. As a child, Anastasia rarely saw her father, who was on the road every now and then, but never forgot about him. It could not have been otherwise, because the parents hung a poster with his face over the girl’s bed.

Nastya grew up a creative child and from an early age was behind the scenes of the theater, where her mother-ballerina worked. Unsurprisingly, at the age of five, the girl made her stage debut, and later took up ballet herself. The heiress of the artists dreamed of dancing like a mother, but did not hope for any concessions. Her father announced to her as a child that she would have to pursue everything on her own.

In 2003, Anastasia graduated from the Moscow Art Academy and became a certified ballerina, and then began working at the Bolshoi Theater. It took the girl time to break into the forefront of ballet and become in demand in the profession. Nevertheless, she came to her dream despite all the difficulties, which were many in her life.

Vinokur’s daughter was always prone to fullness, and she was not tall. To achieve the necessary parameters, she had to literally starve herself for years. Strict diets, weighing and counting every crumb eaten were an integral part of her life. Anastasia had to work hard to prove her talent and potential not only to herself but also to others. Many disliked her because of her big name and did not believe until the last moment that the girl could succeed without the help of a famous parent.

The personal life of the heiress of the artists also faced many challenges. Many gentlemen ran away from the girl because they were afraid of her famous and influential father. However, Anastasia’s brave man still met. In 2013, she married music producer Grigory Matveevich, and two years later gave birth to a son, Fedor. Despite the appearance of an heir, four years later the marriage broke up. After the divorce, the ballerina raises her son alone.

Anastasia Vinokur is now 36 years old. By the standards of the profession, her age is considered almost retirement, but she plans to stay on stage for at least 40 years. We can assume that even after going on a well-deserved vacation, the girl will not sit idle – her piggy bank still has a GITIS diploma in “manager of performing arts”.


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