What happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 33 – Mir – Kommersant

The delegations of Russia and Ukraine will hold a new round of talks in Turkey on March 28-30. The day before, Putin and Erdogan noted the need to establish a ceasefire and peace regime between Russia and Ukraine as soon as possible, as well as to improve the humanitarian situation in the region. The UN reported 1,119 civilian deaths in Ukraine. Today, the Moscow Stock Exchange resumed trading in securities. How events are unfolding in Kommersant’s online broadcast.

12:54. Lavrov: Some media reports about the deteriorating health of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu are outright lies.

12:53. Roskomnadzor demanded that the owner of the mult.ru website with episodes of the cartoon “Masyanya” delete one of the episodes due to inaccurate information that discredits the RF Armed Forces. The resource itself was not blocked.

12:49. In Russia, due to increased sanctions, about 200 thousand were canceled. of 292 thousand scheduled for this year, inspections of business, according to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

12:46. Russian Ambassador to Poland Andreev: 45 Russian diplomats, whom Warsaw decided to expel from Poland, have left the republic.

12:40. Lavrov: Russia believes that NATO has heard Moscow’s security concerns.

12:33. Lavrov: Moscow is ready to consider different locations for Russian-Ukrainian talks, including Belgrade.

12:31. Peskov: “falling out” applications for Russian oil will be replaced by applications from the east

12:22. Peskov: Russia will not supply gas for free if Europeans refuse to pay for fuel in rubles.

12:20. Peskov: Those who took part in the torture of captured Russian servicemen must be held accountable.

12:19. Peskov called rumors about the preparation of a bill on “non-returnees” in Russia: there is nothing like this and can not be.

12:18. Peskov: The Kremlin is concerned about Biden’s next statements about Putin and will continue to closely monitor the US president’s remarks.

12:17. Peskov: the exchange of prisoners is not a topic of Russian-Ukrainian talks.

12:16. Peskov on negotiations with the Ukrainian delegation: so far we can not state breakthroughs.

12:16. Peskov – Kommersant-FM: talks are unlikely to continue today. Delegations are leaving for Turkey. We expect that they can pass tomorrow.

12:12. Lavrov: Russia is well aware of Ukraine’s ability to imitate negotiations, but this time it will not work out in this way.

12:11. The Volkswagen plant in Bratislava has been shut down again due to the lack of electronic components from suppliers from Ukraine, the Slovak news agency SITA reported.

12:10. Lavrov: Putin and Zelensky need a meeting as soon as there is clarity in resolving key issues on Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

12:07. The Estonian Ministry of Justice is preparing a bill banning St. George’s ribbon, Z sign and other symbols related to Russia, the head of the Ministry of Justice Maris Lauri told ERR.

12:06. Lavrov: Putin never refused to meet with Zelensky, but now a meeting to exchange views would be counterproductive.

12:05. Lavrov: Russia must now make sure that people in Donbass never suffer from the Kiev regime again.

12:03. Lavrov: Russia-Ukraine talks will resume “today-tomorrow” in Istanbul in person.

12:01. Lavrov: The West “did not care” about the sovereign rights of other states.

12:00. Lavrov: The West aims to curb Russia’s development by imposing sanctions, so it will always find a reason to apply them – interviews with Serbian media.

11:59. The Ostankino court in Moscow returned to the police a report against Marina Ovsyannikova, a former employee of Channel One, who appeared in mid-March with an anti-war poster on the Vremya program.

11:58. The curfew in Kiev and the region from Monday will last from 21:00 to 6:00 Moscow time, said Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

11:56. Japanese equipment manufacturer Olympus has announced the suspension of its investments in the Russian market in the field of scientific solutions due to the situation around Ukraine.

11:53. The retailer Lenta is ready to hire employees of companies that are leaving the Russian market due to sanctions, the company said in a statement on the Telegram channel.

11:51. Lavrov: Russia has a huge number of partners in the world, there is no question of any isolation.

11:46. The United States will increase oil production to meet domestic and global demand, said Amos Haxtin, senior adviser to the US State Department on energy security.

11:44. Lavrov: Russia sees the pressure the EU is putting on the Balkan countries to join the sanctions against Moscow.

11:43. Authorities in a number of German federal states have decided to ban the logo with the Latin letter Z, which has become a symbol of support for Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the Bild newspaper reported.

11:28. Ukrainian and Russian delegations will begin peace talks in Istanbul on Monday, a senior Turkish official told Reuters.

11:22. The decision of the Tver court of Moscow to ban Facebook and Instagram (owned by Meta, recognized as extremist, banned in Russia) in Russia as extremist does not limit the use of these social networks for illicit activities, said in the motivating part of the court decision.

11:18. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation: parallel imports do not mean legalization of counterfeiting, we are talking about the import of original goods through alternative channels.

11:11. Manturov: production in the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation works in a regular mode, the pace of production is not slowing down.

11:08. Sri Lanka’s national carrier SriLankan Airlines has suspended flights to Moscow since Monday, the company said.

11:05. Manturov: None of the foreign companies has yet refused to supply drugs to Russia.

11:04. The Cabinet of Ministers has extended until May 1 a temporary ban on the export of ammonium nitrate, the ban does not apply to Luhansk People’s Republic, DPR, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

10:54. US State Department Adviser: Biden’s remarks about Putin were emotional and did not reflect the official White House course.

10:51. In Russia, the VAT rate will be zeroed for hotels and other accommodation – for existing and new hotels, the relevant law has entered into force, said the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova.

10:35. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vereshchuk: there will be no humanitarian corridors in Ukraine today.

10:32. The Moscow Stock Exchange has accelerated its decline, falling by 2.4%.

10:31. In schools located on the border with Ukraine in the Belgorod region, unscheduled lessons will be held OBZH, so that children who went on vacation take better care of their safety, said Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

10:29. Gazprom continues to supply Russian gas for transit to Europe through Ukraine on a regular basis, the company said.

10:18. A mine has been found in the Black Sea on the border with Bulgaria, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry.

10:14. FAS: legalization of parallel imports will help increase business activity.

10:14. FAS: goods imported into the Russian Federation by parallel importers will be subject to all existing customs and control procedures.

10:13. The head of the FAS of the Russian Federation: legalization of parallel imports contributes to the expansion of the commodity market of the Russian Federation and lower prices for products sold.

10:09. Putin instructed to allocate in 2022 an additional at least 120 billion rubles. for the construction and repair of roads of regional and local importance, the Kremlin said.

10:07. The Dutch company Heineken is leaving Russia and will transfer its business in the country to third parties, the company said.

10:06. The dollar exchange rate at the beginning of trading on Monday fell to 95.1 rubles, the euro – to 103 rubles.

10:05. Putin has instructed to adjust the terms of preferential mortgages on new buildings from April 1, raising the rate to 12% and increasing the maximum loan amount, the Kremlin said.

10:04. The Moscow Exchange index at the opening of trading decreased by 0.12%, the RTS – by 1.22%.

10:01. Putin is waiting until March 31 for a report from the Cabinet of Ministers, the Central Bank and Gazprom on changing the currency of payment for gas supplies to “unfriendly” countries.

9:59. Putin has instructed to develop a program to subsidize interest rates on loans to developers under project financing by March 31, the Kremlin said.

9:41. UAE Minister of Energy: Russian oil is needed by energy markets, and no producer can replace its production.

9:40. Adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Alexei Arestovich: Ukraine will conduct “the most serious investigation” because of a video in which the Ukrainian military allegedly mocks Russian prisoners of war.

9:29. Italian Eni does not have the ability to pay for Russian gas in rubles, future supplies are in question, the head of the company said.

9:24. Apple has lowered the forecast for the production of iPhone SE smartphones and headphones in connection with the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions against Russia, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported.

9:00. Supplies of office paper in Russia will stabilize by mid-April, demand is completely closed by domestic producers, there will be no shortage, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

8:53. Germany is working to completely abandon coal and oil supplies from Russia, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on ARD.

8:53. The radiation situation in Russia is stable, Rospotrebnadzor is monitoring the situation with fires in the Chernobyl zone, the agency said.

8:51. Roskomnadzor blocked the website of the Yekaterinburg publication It’s My City for disseminating “unreliable information about a special operation in Ukraine.”

8:49. The international rating agency Fitch Ratings has announced that it will no longer publish data on Russia’s sovereign rating.


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