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At night, a fire broke out at the oil depot in Belgorod, oil tanks are burning. According to the governor of the Gladkov region, the fire started due to an air strike from two helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, no one was injured. Rosneft, which owns the oil depot, said all personnel had been evacuated. A TASS source says that half of the tanks have already been extinguished. On Friday, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations continued talks in video format. How events unfold is in the Kommersant broadcast.

13:44. Telephone talks between the leaders of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan, are scheduled for 16:00 Moscow time on April 1, the Turkish president’s office said.

13:43. An additional 150 rescuers from the Kursk and Voronezh regions have been sent to Belgorod, where the oil depot is on fire, a TASS source said.

13:36. Medinsky: Russia and Ukraine continue talks in video format, Moscow’s position on Crimea and Donbass remains unchanged.

13:36. Almost 1.2 thousand people evacuated from the area of ​​the fire at the oil depot in Belgoroda source told TASS.

13:34. Domestic airlines will be able to pay for the leasing of boards in rubles through accounts in Russian banks, according to Putin’s decree.

13:31. Peskov did not rule out that the transfer of payments for gas to rubles may be canceled, “if other conditions arise, in this case there is nothing reinforced concrete, but in the current conditions rubles are the most preferable and reliable option for us.”

13:29. The Seimas of Latvia approved in the first reading amendments to the law “On Immigration”, which provide for the suspension of the issuance of primary temporary residence permits to citizens of Russia and Belarus until June 30, 2023, the press service of the parliament.

13:25. Putin approved the scheme of settlements of airlines with lessors from “unfriendly countries” in rubles through accounts in Russian banks.

13:21. Putin signed a decree on the temporary order of fulfillment of financial obligations in the field of transport to a number of foreign creditors.

13:07. The IAEA has announced that a number of missions to Ukraine’s nuclear facilities will begin next week.

13:07. Golikova: The situation on the labor market is stable, but the number of citizens is growing part-time and idle.

13:00. Lukashenko and Putin discussed the situation around Ukraine, the state and prospects of Belarusian-Russian relations, BelTA reports.

13:00. Adam Smith Conferences, which specializes in organizing economic forums, has decided to suspend work in Russia amid events in Ukraine.

12:56. Peskov confirmed that a delegation of foreign ministers from six Arab countries will visit Moscow next week to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

12:53. Peskov: The Kremlin considers unacceptable even the very study in Germany of the nationalization of the “daughters” of “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”.

12:49. Peskov: the air strike of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the oil depot in Belgorod does not create “comfortable conditions for the continuation of negotiations” between Russia and Ukraine.

12:48. Peskov: the transition from April 1 to payment in rubles for gas does not mean an instant disconnection from supplies, payments are made within a month.

12:47. Peskov: the spring call has nothing to do with the operation in Ukraine, conscripts are not involved there.

12:46. Peskov: every effort is being made in Belgorod to ensure that the fire at the oil depot after the APU shelling does not affect the supply of necessary fuel. Putin was informed about the fire at the oil depot.

12:42. Gazprom is a responsible partner and continues to reliably export gas to consumers.

12:41. Gazprom: notifications about the new procedure for payments for gas in Russian rubles are now officially sent to counterparties.

12:40. Payments for Russian gas supplies for export will be made according to Russian rules, Gazprom reports.

12:39. Lavrov: Moscow is in favor of providing security guarantees to Russia, Ukraine and European countries.

12:38. Half of the eight tanks burning at the oil depot in Belgorod have been extinguished, a TASS source said.

12:37. Lukashenko had a telephone conversation with Putin on April 1, BelTA reports.

12:37. Lavrov: Russia has an experience of living under sanctions, which is good for both her and her partners.

12:36. Lavrov: Russia has offered the West a fair scheme of payment in rubles for gas.

12:33. Abramchenko: The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation supported the introduction of a measure to reduce to zero the tax rate on mining for companies engaged in the development and production of molybdenum, until 2025.

12:30. Lavrov: The reason for the growing tendency to trade in national currencies is the unreliability of the West.

12:29. Gazprom’s exports in March rose compared to last year in nine European countries, including Italy, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey.

12:28. Lavrov: The trend towards settlements in national currencies with India will intensify.

12:28. Lavrov: further contacts with the Ukrainian side are being worked out.

12:27. Lavrov: Russia has seen “much more understanding” of the situation with Crimea and Donbass from the Ukrainian side.

12:23. The Artdocfest author’s documentary film festival in Russia has been suspended, the event’s Telegram channel reports.

12:22. Lavrov: Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine continue until there are no final plans and agreements.

12:21. Gas supplies to China through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline under a long-term contract between Gazprom and CNPC – Gazprom – are growing.

12:17. Turkey is taking the necessary measures in coordination with Romania and Bulgaria on the issue of drifting mines in the Black Sea, the country’s Defense Ministry said.

12:09. Gazprom continues to supply gas in accordance with consumer requests in full compliance with contractual obligations.

12:07. Inflation in the eurozone in March reached a new absolute record of 7.5% year on year, according to Eurostat.

12:06. Gryzlov: Belarus organized the first three rounds of talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations at the highest level.

12:04. The fire in three fuel tanks at the oil depot in Belgorod has been extinguished, the threat of another fire remains, RIA Novosti reports, citing emergency services.

Earlier, TASS and RIA Novosti reported that eight tanks were on fire.

11:46. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine will continue on April 1 in video formatreports TASS with reference to a Russian source.

11:45. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban: Europe will not be able to replace Russian gas with expensive American gas.

11:44. It is impossible to give up Russian gas if there is no readiness to live with huge consequences, said the head of the Austrian company OMV Alfred Stern, commenting on calls for an embargo on gas from Russia.

11:42. The infrastructure of Belgorod airport has not been damaged after air strikes on the city’s oil depot, spokeswoman for the airport’s press service Anastasia Golodova told TASS.

11:40. Central Bank of the Russian Federation: Russian banks raised 0.3 trillion rubles at the “fine-tuning” repo auction at the limit of 1 trillion rubles.

11:21. Borrell: The EU regrets Russia’s imposition of counter-sanctions against EU leaders and the inability to challenge them.

11:20. Flight programs in the most popular summer destinations can be resumed this spring, according to Rostourism.

11:19. Russian Minister of Economy Reshetnikov: Russian companies whose depository receipts are traded abroad will be obliged to return to Russia if there are no other decisions.

11:15. Fuel reserves at oil depots in Belgorod and neighboring regions are for 15 days or more, Rosneft reported.

10:50. Tsargrad stated that it had received 1 billion rubles from Google. penalties for the claim to restore his channel on YouTube video hosting. The money will be used to support Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the TV channel reported.

Google’s bank accounts were blocked by bailiffs following a court ruling at the request of Tsargrad.

10:43. The banking system of the Russian Federation entered a state of structural liquidity surplus for the first time since February 24. The figure was 280.4 billion rubles., according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

10:42. Chinese Foreign Ministry: The UN needs to study and give a professional assessment of the materials provided by Russia on US biolaboratories in Ukraine.

10:41. Lavrov: Russia appreciates India’s one-sided view of the situation around Ukraine.

10:41. Lavrov: Russia and India continue to implement projects in energy, space and pharmaceuticals.

10:41. Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation: gas stations in the Belgorod region will be fully supplied with gasoline from the Kursk and Voronezh regions.

10:38. The head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation: the fire at the oil depot in the Belgorod region will not affect the fuel supply of the region and prices.

10:28. Task Force of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia headed by Acting Minister Alexander Chupriyan flew to Belgorodwhere a large fire broke out at the oil depot, the agency said.

10:21. The Moscow Exchange index exceeded 2,800 points for the first time since February 22.

10:10. The dollar exchange rate at the opening of the Moscow Exchange – 80.33 rubles, the euro – 92.03 rubles.

10:08. The Russian stock market opened with a rise of the Moscow Exchange index by 0.41%, the RTS – by 0.64%.

10:03. The dollar on the Moscow Exchange is below 81 rubles. for the first time since February 23.

10:02. Konstantin Lakhnov, director of the Konstanta printing house, told Belgorod-Media about the shelling of the printing house in the village of Severny. The staff was evacuated, the printing house was left without electricity.

9:58. The maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in the area of ​​the fire at the oil depot in Belgorod has not been exceeded, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

9:56. All security services in the Kursk region have been put on high alert due to the situation in Belgorod, said the governor of the region Roman Starovoit.

9:46. Medvedev offered to abandon the sale of Russian products and agricultural products to “unfriendly countries” and not to buy anything from them.

9:43. The business activity index (PMI) of the manufacturing industries of the Russian Federation in March 2022 fell to 44.1 points against 48.6 points a month earlier, according to a study by analytical agency IHS Markit.

9:41. More than 2.4 million refugees have arrived in Poland from Ukraine since February 24, according to the republic’s border guards.

9:34. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon said the situation in the world was extremely tense, urging the population to stock up on food for two years and be ready to defend state independence.

9:31. The number of citizens who came to Russia from the territory of Ukraine, DPR and LPR, exceeded 548 thousand. people, TASS was told in law enforcement agencies.

9:25. Gas prices in Europe in the first minutes of trading rose by 5%, exceeding $ 1,500 per thousand cubic meters.

9:23. Central Bank of the Russian Federation: transfers from the Russian Federation abroad from bank and brokerage accounts of non-residents from “unfriendly countries” have been suspended for the next six months.

9:20. The Bank of Russia is easing restrictions on remittances for individuals. Now you can transfer up to $ 10 thousand a month from the account.

Through companies that provide services for the transfer of funds without opening an account, you can transfer no more than $ 5 thousand per month.

9:09. About 200 people are involved in extinguishing the tanks at the oil depot in Belgorod, a foam attack has begun, according to the Ministry of Emergencies.

8:59. The fire at the oil depot could spread to all fuel tanks, a TASS source said.

8:58. The evacuation of personnel was carried out from the territory of the oil depot where the fire broke out, there are no victims and injured, Rosneft reported.

8:51. The fire at the oil depot in the region will not cause fuel shortages, said the governor of the region, pointing to the queues at gas stations. According to him, the stock of gasoline at gas stations in the Belgorod region is for 15-18 days.

8:49. Eight fuel tanks with a capacity of 2,000 are burning in Belgorod. cubes each, there is a threat of fire on eight more, according to TASS and RIA Novosti, citing emergency services.

8:49. The fire at the Belgorod oil depot is being extinguished by more than 170 people, the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies in the region reports.

8:47. No one was injured during the fire at the oil depot in Belgorod, Mayor Anton Ivanov said in his Telegram channel.


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