What happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 38 – Mir – Kommersant

Zelensky announced the transfer of proposals on security guarantees to a number of countries. The United States will provide another $ 300 million in military aid to Ukraine. The Russian ambassador to Britain believes that the actions taken by the British government in Ukraine are aimed at further escalation of the situation. How events unfold is in the Kommersant broadcast.

12:56. During her working trip to Crimea, Moskalkova got acquainted with the conditions of detention of Ukrainian prisoners of war. According to her, they are provided with everything necessary, they receive medical care, the conditions of detention comply with international law.

12:21. The United States is pitting the European Union against China and Russia, according to an editorial in China’s Global Times. It notes that some EU countries have adopted Washington’s policies by interfering in China’s internal affairs over Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The authors of the article believe that Europe needs to “form an independent mindset, move to an independent policy and not fall into the quagmire of the ‘new cold war’.”

11:59. Rosatom sees no problems in the possible transition to rubles in settlements with foreign customers, said Alexei Likhachev, director general of the state corporation.

11:50. Pope Francis is considering a trip to Kyiv, a journalist told NBC News.

11:42. The EU is working on a new package of sanctions against Russia, but they will not affect energy, the European Commissioner said.

11:37. German Minister of Economy: We are still supplied with gas from Russia, but we are ready for all scenarios.

11:14. Greek railways do not want to transport US and NATO armored vehicles to the borders of Ukraine, the company’s management is putting pressure on them, according to the information portal of the Communist Party of Greece.

11:08. A yacht worth more than € 3 million belonging to “Russian persons” has been arrested in Italy, the country’s coast guard service said.

10:56. The work of seven humanitarian corridors is scheduled for Saturday, April 2, said Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk.

10:50. The imposition of an embargo on Russian gas will lead to the collapse of production in Germany, said the president of the Federal Union of German Industry (BDI) Siegfried Russwurm on ZDF.

10:40. Gazprom continues to export gas to Europe via Ukraine on a regular basis, in accordance with the requests of European consumers, the company said.

10:22. Rogozin: NASA, ESA and the Canadian Space Agency have made it clear that sanctions against Roscosmos will not be lifted. Restoration of normal relations between the ISS partners and other joint projects is possible only with the complete lifting of sanctions.

10:20. The US Department of Justice has said that Russian businessmen are trying to circumvent the sanctions, in particular, they are transferring assets to other jurisdictions. The American Ministry of Justice did not specify which specific businessmen we are talking about.

10:14. Germany will not use its forces on the territory of Ukraine, said the Inspector General of the German Armed Forces Eberhard Zorn in an interview with Welt am Sonntag.

10:12. For the first time during the Russian military operation, the United States will mediate in the transfer of tanks to Ukraine, The New York Times reported. A source in the newspaper claims that supplies of Soviet-made equipment will take place in the near future.

10:10. The United States will provide another $ 300 million in military aid to Ukraine, said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.


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