What happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 41 – Mir – Kommersant

A meeting of the UN Security Council on the events in Bucha, Ukraine, is scheduled for today at 17:00 Moscow time. The United States wants the UN General Assembly to exclude Russia from the Human Rights Council. EU countries continue to send Russian diplomats, Russia promises a mirror answer. The State Duma has introduced a bill on criminal liability for the implementation of foreign sanctions in Russia. Gazprom Germania GmbH has been placed under the custody of the Federal Grid Agency. How events unfold is in the Kommersant broadcast.

16:32. President Putin called the nationalization of Russian assets in the West “a double-edged sword.”

16:28. The Czech Republic transferred from the warehouses of the national army part of the unused heavy military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are talking about dozens of T-72 tanks and BMP-1 armored personnel carriers. This was reported on Tuesday by the newspaper Mlada fronta Dnes with reference to MP Ondrej Benešík.

16:24. The State Duma passed in the first reading the bill of the Cabinet of Ministers on the support of the transport complex in the conditions of sanctions.

16:21. Estonia sends 14 employees and closes the Russian Consulate General in Narva – Estonian Foreign Ministry.

16:17. Auchan’s Paris office confirmed to RIA Novosti that the retailer continues to operate in Russia.

16:15. Borrell says he has decided to send several diplomats from Russia’s post-EU mission.

16:14. Putin: Russia can provide food prices domestically lower than on the world market.

16:14. Putin: Russia will have to be more lenient with food supplies abroad, especially to countries with hostile policies.

16:13. Putin: Russia’s domestic market for the main food groups is fully provided with its own production.

16:12. Putin: The situation in the energy sector in the world is deteriorating due to non-market measures and pressure on Gazprom.

16:11. Latvia is sending 13 Russian diplomats and closing two Russian consulates, the country’s Foreign Ministry said.

16:10. The Norwegian media holding Amedia is handing over the management of its printing houses in Russia to the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, Dmitry Muratov.

16:08. Stoltenberg: There is no consensus among NATO members on granting Ukraine membership in the alliance.

16:05. Putin: In the coming years, the growth rate of agricultural production should exceed 3% per year.

16:02. The European Union will ban the participation of Russian companies in public procurement in the EU and any financial support for Russian government agencies – the head of the EC.

15:57. The EU will ban the export to Russia of semiconductors, machinery and transport equipment worth € 10 billion – the head of the EC.

15:55. The EC proposes to close Russian courts access to EU ports with some exceptions and to impose a ban on Russian and Belarusian trucking operators – the head of the EC.

15:52. The European Commission is proposing a ban on transactions with four key Russian banks, including VTB, the head of the European Commission.

15:50. The European Commission proposes to impose a ban on imports of coal from Russia worth € 4 billion a year – the head of the EC.

15:42. German Foreign Minister Burbock: decision on new arms supplies to Ukraine will be agreed at EU, NATO and G7 levels.

15:35. Stoltenberg: NATO provides military support to Ukraine to an extent that will not lead to a full-scale war between nuclear powers. Allies are now discussing the supply of more modern weapons to Kiev, including anti-tank weapons, the secretary general said.

15:32. The plant of the Irish manufacturer of building materials and sandwich panels Kingspan in Nevinnomyssk will continue to operate and will produce products under a new brand, said the governor of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov.

15:30. There are hardly any weapons left in the Bundeswehr’s warehouses that can be delivered to Ukraine, said the German Foreign Minister.

15:16. Zakharova: Moscow will respond accordingly to the expulsion of 25 Russian diplomats from Spain.

15:15. The exchange of four Rosatom employees remaining in Ukraine failed at the last moment, Moskalkova said.

15:11. Belarus has been switching to Russian rubles in gas payments since Aprilsaid the Belarusian government.

15:10. Russia and Ukraine have exchanged 86 to 86 people, Moskalkova said.

15:09. Paris and Berlin are working on a new list of sanctions against Moscow, including the refusal to import oil and coal, the French Foreign Ministry said.

15:09. The fifth package of EU sanctions against Russia will be directed against trade, transport and energy, the European Commission said.

14:57. The Cabinet of Ministers has prepared another package of about 20 initiatives to support Russia’s economy under sanctions, Mishustin said.

14:45. Russia’s ambassador to Madrid is not among the diplomats to be expelled from Spain, the foreign minister said.

14:42. French Ministry of Finance: the scope and timing of EU sanctions against the Russian energy sector have not yet been determined.

14:38. French Finance Ministry: EU economy and finance ministers at a meeting on Tuesday reaffirmed their determination to expand sanctions against Russia.

14:30. Danone has no plans to stop operations in Russia and leave the market, the company said.

14:24. Spain is sending about 25 Russian diplomatsaccording to the Foreign Minister.

14:19. Peskov: The Kremlin doubts the possibility of an impartial international investigation into the Bucha.

14:17. Peskov on the prospects of the meeting between Putin and Zelensky: nothing has changed for us – we do not rule out the possibility, but only after approval of the document.

14:15. Peskov: Russia will not hurry with the transition to payment in rubles for export goods, it must be a planned, verified, thorough work.

14:03. The Moscow Exchange and RTS indices are falling by more than 5%.

13:34. The French company Danone is studying the possibility of leaving Russia, according to Reuters, citing a source.

13:24. The EU intends to ban all transactions with VTB and three other Russian banks disconnected from SWIFT, according to Reuters, citing a source.

13:21. The Estonian authorities have decided not to join the measures of Lithuania and Latvia to lower the status of diplomatic missions and not to expel the Russian ambassador from the country, said Deputy Foreign Minister Myart Volmer.

13:20. The EU will ban imports from Russia of cement, wood, rubber and chemicals, as well as caviar and vodka, according to Reuters, citing sources.

The publication also reports that the EU intends to ban the export of semiconductors and equipment to Russia, including for LNG production.

13:18. The Chancellor of Austria plans to visit Ukraine in the coming days, according to his office.

13:15. The European Commission will propose to ban the import of coal from Russia, the supply of new equipment to Russia, to close the sea and land borders for Russian carriers – The Wall Street Journal, citing diplomats.

In addition, the EU will propose to impose restrictions on imports of potassium salt from Russia.

13:04. Sweden sends three Russian diplomatsaccording to the country’s Foreign Ministry.

12:50. Russia’s ambassador to Paris protested against declaring Russian diplomats persona non grata, calling it an unfriendly action.

12:39. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation expects 798.4 billion rubles in April. additional oil and gas revenues of the federal budget.

12:37. The Ministry of Energy of Russia does not rule out the transfer of electricity exports to ruble settlements, but the decision is up to the exporter Inter RAO.

12:34. Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko: the consequences of the expulsion of Russian diplomats from European countries will be felt for a long time, “not to break.”

12:11. The Government of the Russian Federation has expanded the program of soft loans for system-forming enterprises in the fuel and energy sector, under which you can get a loan at 11% per annum.

12:08. Russia is not in default, the country is absolutely solvent, it can pay off its foreign debt, Kostin said.

12:08. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: the deviation of the actually received oil and gas revenues from the expected volume in March amounted to 302 billion rubles.

12:03. The Russians have booked more than 50% of the number of rooms in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory for the summer, said the governor of Kuban.

12:02. Rusagro will not pay dividends for 2021, except for the interim dividends already paid, the company said.

12:01. Borrel said that together with von der Leyen he would meet with Zelensky in Kiev next week.

12:01. Zakharova: Russia will respond to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Italy.

11:48. Russian ambassador summoned to Italian Foreign Ministry, 30 Russian diplomats announced expulsion – Italian Foreign Minister.

11:45. Borrel: The Russian ruble has been able to withstand Western sanctions.

11:34. Russian banks raised 0.2 trillion rubles at the “fine-tuning” repo auction at the limit of 1 trillion rubles.

11:33. Borrel: The EU intends to agree on sanctions against Russia on Tuesday. We are now discussing what to do with energy.

11:18. Bailiffs will forcibly collect from Meta (the company is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia) 2 billion rubles. reversible fine, follows from the FSSP database.

11:13. Zakharova: Moscow will take measures against employees of Danish foreign missions in Russia in connection with the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

11:07. Denmark sends 15 Russian diplomatsaccording to Bloomberg and Reuters.

10:52. Russia and Ukraine continue intensive talks in video format, Russian Foreign Minister Rudenko told Interfax.

10:52. Moscow does not yet see the need to create a special delegation to negotiate security guarantees with Ukraine, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Rudenko told Interfax.

10:38. Zelensky: It is difficult to hold talks with Russia now, but there is no other choice.

10:37. Zelensky said on the air of “Ukraine-24” that there may be no meeting between him and Russian President Putin.

10:25. Roskomnadzor has sent a third request to the Wikipedia administration to limit the dissemination of unreliable information, the agency said.

10:24. The United States has banned Russia from paying its national debt from reserves frozen due to sanctions, according to Reuters.

10:05. The Russian stock market opened with a 0.3% increase in the Moscow Exchange index, while the RTS changed slightly.

10:04. The dollar exchange rate at the beginning of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange decreased by 0.12% to 83.9 rubles, the euro – by 1.52% to 91.25 rubles.

9:56. French Ministry of Finance: new companies and individuals, the energy sector may be subject to tougher sanctions against Russia.

9:41. French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry: All EU countries want to tighten sanctions against Russia, but it is unclear whether there is a compromise on oil and coal restrictions.

9:39. The turnover of trades on the UPB Exchange in the main trading mode on the group of instruments “foreign securities” in March decreased by 84.93% compared to the same period last year – to $ 5.90 billion.

9:36. Macron is still ready to mediate in the talks between Russia and Ukraine, but no new talks with Putin are planned yet, the French Foreign Minister said.

9:33. The Russian ambassador was summoned to the French Foreign Ministry, he was announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats, BFM TV reports.

9:32. More than 2.5 million refugees have arrived in Poland from Ukraine since February 24, the Polish Border Guard said.

9:28. French Foreign Ministry: new EU sanctions against Russia may be adopted tomorrow.

9:17. The Russian and Turkish sides are working to gradually resume flight programs during the May holidays, said Rostourism head Zarina Doguzova.

9:16. The complete closure of the border with Russia may be considered, but it must be done by all the Baltic states at the same time, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said in an interview with Diena.

9:15. Roskomnadzor informed the magazine “Cold” about the need to remove false information about the operation in Ukraine.

9:10. The PMI index of the Russian services sector in March fell to 38.1 from 52.1 points in February, according to the international rating agency S&P Global Ratings.

9:07. The government has simplified the procedure for registering medical devices, this will avoid their shortage.

9:01. The United States secretly tested a hypersonic missile in March, CNN reported, citing a source.

8:58. German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock opposed the imposition of an embargo on Russian gas supplies.


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