What Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding says about the evolution of the Korean entertainment industry

Early wedding news in early February Hyun Bina and Son E Jin hit our news feeds. And already on March 31 the stars played one of the loudest weddings.

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Here is how the history of their relationship developed:

2011: Son E Jin appeared in a cameo role in her popular drama The Mysterious Garden. However, they say that the actors did not meet on the set.

2014: Their paths continued to intersect, and at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival they sat next to each other, and later they had some nice interactions on stage.

2017: Son E Jin and Hyun Bean were approved in the Negotiations project. «My first impression of Fr. [Хён Бине] was that he has really great skin and hair and I thought he must be an actor that actresses really like“, – said the actress in an interview.

2018: Despite the fact that there were not many joint scenes in the “Negotiations”, the couple reportedly became close during the project. Fans were quick to point out that they celebrated his birthday together in September during the film’s promotion.

2019: The following year, the actors were approved as the lead couple for the drama “Emergency Landing of Love”, which later became one of the most rated doras in the history of Korean television. The couple’s undisputed chemistry has sparked a new wave of rumors, despite denials from both sides.

2020: Other memorable meetings of the couple include the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, where they left the stage together after receiving awards for their work in “Emergency Landing of Love”.

2021: After several secret observations over two years, including a dinner with the actor’s parents, Korea Dispatch reported that the couple has been dating for eight months, as confirmed by their respective agencies.

2022: The couple confirmed on Instagram that they are getting married. «She always makes me smile“, – he wrote Hyun Bean in the letter, a Son E Jin wrote: “With him I feel warm and protected».

The wedding Son E Jin and Hyun Bina marked the beginning of a healthier dynamic of relations between Korean celebrities and their fans.

The fact that the actors were showered with the love and blessings of their fans is reminiscent of a change of mindset in the Korean entertainment industry, given that some famous couples have been publicly condemned in the past, especially in the K-pop industry.

In search of the cultural context of this phenomenon, we turned to the popular critic The Fangirl Verdict for answers. «K-pop idols are usually positioned as lonely and ready to feed the fantasies of fans and guys that there is a small chance that they will one day be able to meet the celebrity of their dreams. Often, pop stars have clauses in their contracts prohibiting relationships to preserve this fantasy“She explains. It also leads to a certain degree of ownership among the fans, because of which their idol should be alone or meet with whomever the fans want to see. «I’ve come across cases where fans’ loyalty to the K-celebrity has been undermined because the person the star met or married was considered a bad choice. among fans“She adds. However, the way of thinking seems to be changing as famous couples increasingly meet public support, such as a show business star Pak Shin Hewho recently announced her pregnancy and marriage to another actor Chewe Tae Joon.

It can also be assumed that the change in Korean culture was due to the openness of Korean stars, who are increasingly revealing to fans the most important moments of their lives, unlike some Western stars who prefer to keep their personal lives secret from fans. The Fangirl Verdict clarifies: “The apologetic tone you see in messages from stars whose agencies tell something about their personal lives usually means, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before” or “I’m sorry you didn’t hear that from me.” This is due to the Korean culture, where the relationship between celebrities and their fans is more family – the stars usually end any video greeting with a sincere request to their fans to take care of themselves until they meet again.».

As for the wedding Son E Jin and Hyun Binaactors’ agencies, VAST Entertainment and MSTeamMarch 31, published two photos of the happy couple during the celebration, along with a statement stating: “Actors Son E Jin and Hyun Bean today they are holding their wedding ceremony, making their first step as a married couple. The ceremony will be closed due to the situation with COVID-19, so we ask for your understanding. Instead, we share their wedding photos. We express our deep gratitude for the many blessings and warm support. Actors Hyun Bean and Son E Jin together with their agencies will continue to make every effort to justify the support and love received».

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What Hyun Bin and Son YeJins wedding says about the evolution of Korean celebrity culture

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