What is new in the second season of the “Year of Culture”, said Maria Akhmetzyanova

The second season of the series will start on March 21 on TNT “Year of Culture” – about a Moscow official who was sent to work at a regional university.

Actress Maria Akhmetzyanova, who played the main female role, told about the career and spiritual growth of her heroine, commented on joint scenes with Peter Fedorov and Fyodor Bondarchuk, and also recalled how she studied at
Faculty of Philology.

– A lot of time has passed since the release of the first season. Did you have any difficulties in returning to the settings of your heroine?

– When a character is born in you, with whom you live for a long time, he remains in your piggy bank. So everything is remembered quickly enough, you just need to switch, and you’re him again.

– Maybe the screenwriters prescribed new qualities for Sony, which she did not have in the first season?

– Of course, there are changes. As for the female part of my heroine, she flourishes both externally and internally. She has a new man, thanks to whom she begins to feel needed, wanted, happy, begins to smile more and, in fact, live.

Olga Medynich and Maria Akhmetzyanova. Photo: TNT

– Judging by the first series, Belozerova has a lover and an adviser in one person. Tell us about the new character played by Peter Fedorov. What does he give to history? How does he reveal Sonya and other heroes?

– Probably, the appearance of a new hero, played by Petya Fedorov, becomes another light for this fire. I think he reveals all the characters. Thanks to him, a sip of something new appears: discoveries, opportunities, feelings, relationships between the characters.

He gives my heroine a new female life: she looks good, she is always fresh, always smiling. He switches it quickly. If she has a complicated work process, she will always find what she needs now.

He can just come up and hug her, but it will be very important and very necessary for her at the same time. They have mutual understanding, feelings and a common cause.

It would seem that this was done to anger Sychev, but no, she had been waiting for this for a long time, but since she devotes most of her time to her work, her vocation, she simply did not have time to be a woman. And here she had both the opportunity and the desire.

Maria Akhmetzyanova
Maria Akhmetzyanova. Photo: TNT

– Was there a casting for the role of Sony’s new partner? When you learned that Fedorov would play him, what was your reaction?

“I found out by accident!” I asked who would play this role. I was told not to divulge, it’s a secret. Then our screenwriter and creative producer Ilya Shvetsov asked me to guess. And I guessed! Almost immediately. If I guessed, then I got it, and they got it. Such artists are a great gift.

When not just a cool artist appears on the site, but also a good person, and all this together is great luck and happiness. I am always very much looking forward to Fedor Sergeyevich, he is our main inspirer and energy. Without it, a day is not a day. So I was definitely lucky with my partners.

With Petya there is always lightness, laughter, confidence. It seemed to me as if we had been shooting together all our lives, about 100 joint films already. No grinding, outside observation, everything was comfortable and happy at once.

We relaxed, and on the trust and confidence, we enjoyed the process.

Peter Fedorov and Maria Akhmetzyanova
Peter Fedorov and Maria Akhmetzyanova. Photo: TNT

– We can say that your heroine has achieved her goal and now she has the opportunity to make her own decisions and influence the life of her home university. Was it a surprise for you, or did the first season lead to such a development?

– I think this is her logical professional growth. In the second season, she changes in the female plan, as I said, and just in the professional. She grows, and even more responsibility is placed on her shoulders. So, she must make even more efforts not to fail, not to hit the dirt in the face – she is a maximalist, she lives in this profession. The fact that she has the role of a woman, and she likes that role, may sometimes relax her, but she needs to always keep herself in shape, not forget why she is here, what she does, what she aspires to.

– Many of your partners on the set say that the tone of the second season changes, moving towards the drama. How do you assess this?

– I absolutely agree that the genre has changed. Yes, it’s still a comedy, but the creators have removed the grotesque, the bright caricature, we probably exist more in drama, romantic comedy, something closer to Soviet cinema. We were all lowered a little from heaven. It is very interesting what happened.

Alexander Lykov and Peter Fedorov and Maria Akhmetzyanova
Alexander Lykov and Maria Akhmetzyanova. Photo: TNT

– Has it changed anything for you in terms of acting? In the first season, you said that entering the comedy genre was a new experience for you.

– Yes, then everything was new, I did not really understand how to exist, but everything worked out: we all felt each other and helped each other. There is a task from producers, directors, screenwriters, and then we act ourselves. And as for the second season, we were just told how roughly we should exist this time.

We caught that note, and then we were told, “You know everything yourself.” We were given freedom. And all, then we lived and created as we feel. Naturally, after the first season it is easier to do, you feel in your place.

– How would you define your own acting organics – it is comedic, dramatic? In what genre are you more comfortable and why? What role could you play in resisting?

– I hope I am a universal actress. I’m comfortable in any genre. But I probably still love when it’s hard. No, when it is difficult and impossible. Role for resistance, existence for resistance, task for resistance.

For me, a complex and interesting acting task is one that requires powerful and thorough training: if required, to study some historical facts, to be a new person, to live like this for a while, to learn new qualities and abilities, physical training, tricks.

I’m just about to shoot here one of these days, where something like artificial intelligence – you need to go from person to person. I don’t know yet how I’m going to do it, but I’m wildly interested. In such situations, I immediately say yes, and then the most interesting thing begins.

Watch “Year of Culture” from March 21 on TNT at 20:00

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