What is really happening with the real estate of Boris Moiseev

In March, Boris Moiseev celebrated his 68th birthday. The artist does not arrange lavish parties after a stroke, but still celebrates in a close circle of friends. On this day, Moiseev is always called by his close friends Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakayte.

And the permanent director Sergey Gorokh helps to set the table. Orbakayte and the star’s director will inherit his most expensive real estate. We tell why these people became closer to Boris Moiseyev.

Alla Borisovna frying his cutlets

Sergei Gorokh (right) – Chief Assistant for many years… Photo: Larisa Kudryavtseva / Express Newspaper

Ten years ago, Boris Moiseev returned home from rehearsal and suddenly felt bad, but traditionally attributed it to stress and fatigue. Luckily, at that moment he was called by concert director Sergei Gorokh and noticed that Boris was speaking a little slower than usual. He immediately sounded the alarm – called an ambulance and rushed to Moses. And Boris began to refuse hospitalization. “They will start stuffing me with drugs, they will ban me from performing, and I have a concert in two days.

Alla Borisovna and Philip Kirkorov with Kolya Baskov will come! The performance cannot be canceled! – the artist quotes himself. “That’s what I thought.” Then Serezha used heavy artillery – he called my close friend Iosif Kobzon to persuade him to return the doctors. After the words of Joseph: “You are fighting, you and I have not been boys for a long time. It can end badly… ”- I had to give up. Doctors hospitalized me and diagnosed an ischemic stroke. “

While Boris was in the hospital, Alla Pugacheva called his director twice a day – she was interested in his health. The diva personally prepared and passed home food for a close friend to the Research Institute of Neurology every day – his favorite fried cutlets were also there. After the stroke, Moiseev stopped performing, and Pugacheva continued to help him – now not only with cutlets, but also financially. Although Boris tried to give up money: they say he has enough pensions – taking into account the allowance for the title of Honored Artist, he receives a little more than 50 thousand rubles a month.

But six years ago Boris also had a microstroke – he suffered on his feet. After two strokes, Moiseev was partially paralyzed and had speech problems – he understands everything, participates in the conversation, but speaks slowly and little. He walks by himself, but he is elected to the people only accompanied by the director – so he is calmer. Moiseev practiced with a speech therapist and masseur for a long time, but gave up because he did not see any noticeable results.

Pugachev still calls Moiseev every week. This March, Alla Borisovna is vacationing with her family in Israel, so she congratulated her comrade on the phone. Christina Orbakayte also called. By the way, Boris was with her last year to celebrate the anniversary. Moses often said: he has no children, and I love Christina as a daughter. In his youth, Boris and little Christina went on vacation – showed the world, Alla Borisovna trusted him. Therefore, both Pugachev and Orbakayte are close people to Moiseev.

All the riches of the star

... for which Boris is grateful and will leave him this luxurious apartment.  Photo: RIA Novosti
… For which Boris is grateful and will leave him this luxurious apartment. Photo: RIA Novosti

Boris Moiseev lives in his Moscow apartment of 115 square meters. m on the Garden Ring. When the artist was actively touring, he bought apartments in the resort towns of Latvia and Bulgaria. Moiseev rented an apartment in Jurmala a couple of years ago to Kristina Orbakayte. Boris himself continued to rest there, but the last time he was at sea before the pandemic. After such a generous gift, questions arose: what does the artist bequeath to his family?

Boris Moiseev’s two blood relatives are his older brothers Leonid and Marx. Neither Boris nor Marx have been in contact with Leonid since their youth – long-standing family quarrels. Marx Tolkach and his wife Ludmila live in Canada. Lyudmila once danced in Boris’s group – in the first part of the ballet “Expression”.

Boris and his brother last saw each other four years ago: Marx flew to Moscow to participate with a star relative in a TV show – for which he was paid for the trip and charged a fee. The Canadian retiree liked this experience, and later he was already handing out comments to TV viewers via video link – also for a fee. At the same time, he has not kept in touch with his brother lately.

And suddenly in March, Marx Tolkach gave a sensational video interview: they say he learned that antiques from the capital’s housing Boris are being sold, Moiseev gave the apartment to his director, and the apartment in Jurmala – Orbakayte.

What really happened? Boris Moiseyev has a reliable rear – Alla Pugacheva, Nelya Kobzon and other friends are always in touch and will not take offense. Director and longtime friend of the artist Sergei Gorokh explained the situation: “Boris Mikhailovich lived, lives and will always live in his favorite Moscow apartment. He did not make a donation, did not rewrite his property to me. However, in 2020, after seeing a pandemic of “horrors” about the division of inheritance, he made a decision and offered to conclude a lifetime annuity agreement with me. “

Peas is a reliable and long-time friend of Moses, for the last ten years he has been coming to him every day, bringing food, taking him to the doctors, organizing leisure, controlling the housekeeper, “communal” and solving all household problems. Moses was pleased with such care, he even had to persuade Pea for a lifetime rent. But if Boris decided something, he should not be persuaded. Now the director of the artist also fulfills the obligations specified in the contract – pays his utility bills and other necessary expenses, buys drugs. The rental agreement assumes that after the person’s death, the person who cared for him will be able to re-register the apartment for himself.

Marx Tolkach has already apologized for the rumors about the sale of his brother’s antiques – everything is in place. Now the man regrets his scandalous interview. Surprisingly, Marx did not talk to his brother or his friends, but immediately signed up for TV. Maybe Boris will forgive the brawler and write off his home in Bulgaria?

Boris Moiseev never had a wife, no children, so his family became friends. Thanks to their efforts, Moses is feeling well (as much as possible after the illness), there is no significant deterioration.

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