What Kirkorov is doing in a secret room and why he wants to call Galkin: behind the scenes of a special issue of the show “Mask”

The show “Mask” on NTV could not miss the anniversary of its permanent chairman of the jury – Philip Kirkorov. In mid-April, a special issue of the project dedicated to its 55th anniversary was filmed.

Behind the scenes, the usual work bustle, only this time with a bias towards the royal: everywhere gold, sequins, feathers, lies a huge crown. They even make up the singer not on a chair, but on a real throne with red upholstery rising on a pedestal.

All the thoughts of the culprit of the celebration were still about the upcoming soloists in Moscow and St. Petersburg – the preparation was in full swing. “I built a rehearsal hall right in the house on the peninsula: a separate stage, a separate room where we pass the rooms. It turns out, I sleep where I work, I work where I sleep. They say it’s wrong, but for the artist – the most convenient option. There were also sleepless nights – going to bed with the team at five, waking up at seven, if someone had a brilliant idea, “- says the singer.

The first surprise for Philip is that he is completely alone at the judge’s table – there are whispers on the court that other members of the jury were canceled just the day before. Philip had to expose himself six new masks based on his songs: Bat, Tea Rose, Young Angel, Moon Guest, Fire and… artist in Kirkorov’s costume.

“StarHit” collided behind the scenes with the Mouse and first of all was upset that such splendor is not involved in the third season and shines on stage only once. The suit is very unstable, the star lost her balance a couple of times and they barely had time to pick her up. Answering Kirkorov’s questions, the guest was as candid as possible, however, the singer at one point erupted: “Mouse vrushka! Like we drank together if I didn’t drink. Well, although I can a couple of tequila in the mood. Was there anything to do on tour? ”

A little later, a celebrity hiding inside (it was very sudden!) Will tell us that “she has long dreamed of being in the skin of a mask and see what it is.” And she decided to make a dress based on the image – only in a light version, as the original strongly pulls the back.

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While we were talking, a doctor with a suitcase appeared on the site – it turns out that one of the key dancers of the show, Konstantin Myakinkov (former lover of Katya Varnava, by the way), pulled his foot hard during the performance. It took an injection of painkillers and an elastic bandage – almost six hours of filming ahead and no one pays attention to such injuries here.

Break, before going for a snack with your favorite marshmallows (and not only), Philip appears on the backstage to talk to reporters. It is admitted that, despite the anniversary concerts, he did not sit on a strict diet before them. “I don’t limit myself in anything, although I should just sew up my mouth,” the artist smiles. – When we were at home during the pandemic, I allowed myself to relax enough and I’m terribly paying for it. I lose weight as much as possible. I don’t do sports – it’s not mine, but I take other actions – it’s easier for me to exclude soda, flour and sweets. “

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Kirkorov’s main source of inspiration now is his children, Alla-Victoria and Martin. By the way, frequent guests of the filming of “Masks”, every season the guys have their favorite characters. They will also be the main spectators of the concert, which will take place today in the Kremlin.

“I planned this anniversary long before certain events, but decided to celebrate, to thank my father, who is 90 years old. Of course, I wish him to live to 100. Children on their 10th birthday should also feel who their dad is. Yes, they travel a lot with me on tours, festivals, as a child they attended the premiere of the show “Other”, then watched “I”. But now, for the first time at a conscious age, they will see a big performance in the Kremlin. I’m doing it for them. “

Of course, the heirs of the singer from childhood grow up in luxury and do not know the need for anything. Nevertheless, Philip tries not to spoil them, but at the same time regularly to please and surprise. He wants to build a big railway in his mansion, which he could only dream of as a child. “It simply came to our notice then. I know that Max Galkin recently ordered one for Harry and Lisa, so he will have to call him, ask for a phone number, who did it for him, ”the star dad thinks.

As for age, Kirkorov is calm about the number in his passport, although he has encountered something like a male climax. He used to have a fairly active emotional crisis at the age of 40, so now the artist was ready for mood swings.

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“In general, we should give a countdown – it, by the way, came up with Pugacheva. After the 50th anniversary, she celebrated 49, not 51, and that’s great! I feel a maximum of 45, so I completely share the system of Alla Borisovna, “- sums up Philip.

Photo: NTV press service

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