What really happened to the property of Boris Moiseyev: is it true that the artist lost an apartment for 100 million

Director Boris Moiseyev said that the singer had signed a lifetime rental agreement with him


Fans of Boris Moiseyev spend a day worrying about the artist: did the singer really lose his home in his seventies after suffering two strokes? Due to illness, Boris Mikhailovich has not performed for a long time, lives modestly, and now it has become known that the only apartment in Moscow – a luxurious 120-meter apartment with designer renovation on the Garden Ring – allegedly seized by its director Sergei Gorokh. The singer’s brother Marx Tolkach, who lives in Canada, spoke out against him on the air of the program “You will not believe”. They say that Moses is in danger: his property is leaking through his fingers.

For the director of the artist, who has worked with him side by side for 27 years, such accusations came as an unpleasant surprise.

– I wanted to clarify the information that Boris Mikhailovich lost his Moscow real estate. Boris Mikhailovich, lived, lives and will always live in his favorite Moscow apartment– he assured Sergey Gorokh site – He did not make a donation, did not rewrite his property on me. However, in 2020, after seeing a pandemic of “horrors” about the division of inheritance, he made a decision and offered to sign a lifetime rental agreement with me.

According to the director, at first he was categorically against, and Sergei Gorokh’s relatives did not support this idea. But Moiseev’s friends, with whom he discussed the artist’s initiative, were in favor: they say that Boris Mikhailovich knows better what to do with his apartment.

– I am neither the owner nor the owner of Boris Mikhailovich’s Moscow real estate, – admitted Sergei Gorokh. – But I have a responsibility to him and a number of obligations set out in the contract: for example, I pay his expenses, buy medicine, make utility bills. However, I have been fulfilling these obligations since 2010, that is, since Boris Mikhailovich was forced to reduce and later stop his concert and touring activities due to ill health.

The director also explained the claims of the artist’s brother, who assured that he could not contact Boris Moiseyev or his assistant for a long time, and also accused the latter of selling valuables from the singer’s apartment.

– It turned out that he had some of my wrong phones. After the program came out, I immediately called and asked, “Marik, where did you get all this from?” He replied that he had read on the Internet that I was selling Boris Mikhailovich’s antiques. We discussed everything with Marx and his wife Luda, and after that conversation he apologized to me. He regrets the story that was broadcast on the federal channel, – concluded Sergei Gorokh.


What is an annuity contract?

– The rental agreement is the practice of single people, who, as a rule, have no one to bequeath their property to, – explained star lawyer Andrei Aleshkin. – It is signed so that after the death of a person, in this case, the director of the singer, can re-register the property. The fate of the valuables in the apartment is not described and, as a rule, passes to the new owner. Apparently, due to family circumstances, the artist wants to bequeath this apartment to the director, not his brother. In any case, Boris Moiseev will remain the owner of the real estate under the rental agreement for the rest of his life.


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