What to see this week? Premieres of the series April 4 – 10

Tokyo Police with Ansel Elgort, 61st Street about the corrupt Chicago criminal system and an anime about spies.

April 4, Monday – Benjamin Franklin

Documentary / PBS

The documentary explores the revolutionary life of Benjamin Franklin, one of the most significant and brilliant figures of the eighteenth century, whose work helped unravel the mystery of electricity and helped create the United States.

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Thursday, April 7 – Tokyo Police

Crime, Drama / HBO Max

The show is based on a real story. 1993 American journalist Jake Adelstein became a reporter for Yomiuri Simbun, a major Japanese-language Japanese newspaper, and documented corruption in a Tokyo police station.

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April 8, Friday – My Life Again

Action, drama, detective / SBS

A young prosecutor is killed when he investigates a case involving a corrupt politician. But the young man gets a second chance – he is sent to the past, when he was 18, so he could deal with his enemy.

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April 8 – Dirty Lines

Drama, Adult / Netflix

The show takes place in the late 80’s in Amsterdam – at a time when Dutch society was changing rapidly. Marley Salomon, a psychology student, is working part-time at the newly opened Teledutch firm. Founded by two brothers, Frank and Ramon, the company is the first in Europe to offer customers sex over the phone. Frank and Ramon become rich overnight, and Marley finds himself at the center of this rapid transformation.

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April 9, Saturday – SPYxFAMILY

Anime / TV Tokyo

The spy, known as Twilight, is sent on a secret mission, but he must first have a family. So Twilight quickly marries a city hall employee, adopts a child and a dog. However, Twilight does not know that his new family has its own secrets: his wife is an undercover killer, his daughter can read minds, and a dog can predict the future.

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Sunday, April 10 – 61st Street

Drama / AMC

Moses Johnson is a promising black high school athlete. But when police mistaken him for an alleged gang member responsible for the officer’s death, Johnson and his attorney, Franklin Roberts, find themselves embroiled in a corrupt Chicago criminal justice system. The show has already been extended for the second season.

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