What to see this week? Premieres of the series March 28 – April 3

Plainville Girl, Slow Horses with Gary Oldman, and Moon Knight.

March 28, Monday – Thermae Romae Novae

Anime, fantasy, comedy / Netflix

Architect Lucius lives in ancient Rome and works tirelessly. Thanks to the perseverance of Lucius, he began to be noticed and celebrated as a talented architect. And, inspired by his success, the man decides to try to change the design of one of the most important places for the people of Rome – public baths. Lucius creates a new font, immerses himself in it and is accidentally transferred to modern Japan. There he admires the baths and saunas he sees and decides to build similar ones in Rome. But not everyone is ready to support innovation.

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Tuesday, March 29 – The Girl from Plainville

Crime / Hulu

The show is based on a real story. The project will tell about Michelle Carter, convicted in 2017 for inciting her boyfriend Conrad Roy to suicide via SMS and phone calls. Then the case had a great resonance – many were not sure whether the girl could be found guilty.

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March 30, Wednesday – Moon Knight

Action, fiction / Disney +

The project is about Stephen Grant, a gentle and good-natured gift shop worker who suffers from memory lapses and memories of another life. Stephen discovers that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder and shares the body with mercenary Mark Spector, who received superpowers from the ancient Egyptian moon god.

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March 31, Thursday – Julia

Drama / HBO Max

The series, based on the life of the famous chef Julia Child, will tell about the creation of her TV show The French Chef, which, in fact, invented the format of culinary programs for television.

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April 1, Friday – Slow Horses

Drama, spy / Apple TV +

The Slow Horses department is a punishment for intelligence officers: they send here scared workers who accidentally forgot their service file on the train, disrupted surveillance or something like that. At the center of the show’s plot is River Cartwright, once a brilliant agent whose days are spent transcribing phone conversations. But when a young journalist is abducted and threatened with beheading live, River sees this as an opportunity to atone for his guilt and return to his usual job. But the case is not as simple and clear as Cartwright thought.

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April 1 – Tomorrow

Action, Drama, Fantasy / MBC

Chhwe Jeong Un all his life tried to be perfect: he grew up in a rich family, but continued to study hard at school and graduated from a prestigious university. However, the young man does not manage to get a decent job – he is not taken anywhere. One day, returning from another failed interview, he meets two angels of death who work in the heavenly department of crisis management. They help potential suicides and persuade them not to settle accounts with life. But Chhwe Jeong Un does not want to be saved, he wants to get a job. So the young man becomes part of the heavenly crisis management team.

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1 April – The Last Bus

Comedy, adventure, fiction / Netflix

A group of high school students goes on a tour to see the launch of drones that were created to clean the environment. But during the launch, the drones suddenly kill everyone in the audience, except the schoolchildren who managed to escape on the bus. Now the guys need to save the whole world from evil drones and stop the impending apocalypse.

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