What will be the “first buttons” after the special operation

Federal television channels reported that they had cleared the broadcast network of entertainment programs. That is, from Elena Malysheva, Larisa Guzeeva, Alexander Vasiliev, Andrei Malakhov. For the period of the special operation – only a serious political agenda. No more egg dancing, digging in someone else’s dirty laundry, enchanting fights in the studios and bed details from the life of a celebrity. You can now watch TV without Spanish shame. But what will happen after the end of the special operation to demilitarize Ukraine, when everyone calms down?

Mars is attacking

Teledoctor Elena Malysheva conducted a testicle dance from the screen of the First Channel (I wonder how much they paid the performers?), Circumcised a female member and taught the audience to defecate properly. The plots of her TV show “Live zdatThe rumors about the closure of the program and the departure of the TV presenter to America, to the sons, suddenly spread.

The program “Live zdatmoat! “does not come out, like other entertainment programs, the network of the channel has been turned over, taking into account the maximum attention to socio-political events. We are not talking about closing the project,

– assured the public in the press service of the TV channel.

Elena Malysheva conducted the egg dance, circumcised a female member and taught the audience to defecate properly. Screenshot of the transfer frame “Live well” / Channel One

So, no entertainment. Only topics that really concern all Russian people now. Larisa Guzeeva is no longer a pimp in the program “Let’s get married”, Malakhov does not dig into someone else’s dirty linen in “Let them talk”, guests do not give barrels of cucumbers to the owner of “Field of Miracles”, and Alexander Vasiliev, who for years disguised ladies in “Fashion Verdict”. drove to Paris, where he has a second citizenship and appropriate shops. Participants of “Male and Female” do not arrange more fights, ancient dramas in the show “In fact” do not take place. And, of course, immediately after the scandal with the statement about the special operation in Ukraine, “Evening Urgant” left the air, his fate was repeated by the program “Tonight Maxim Galkin.

However, most of the hosts of these programs in unison say that they just went on vacation. What worries the thinking public is that there was hope that the state-funded channels will come to enlightenment and TV can be watched without feeling ashamed of Spain.

Easy ways at the expense of the state

Russian video blogger and movie reviewer Yevgeny Bazhenov (BadComedian) believes that after the end of the special operation in Ukraine, when everything calms down, all the suspended TV shows will return. And the channels will find a way out.

Most likely, they will try to come up with an alternative to existing projects. Maybe with other presenters, if they really press. As practice shows, attempts to play originality on the main channels do not end well, and the management prefers to chase the project to the end, until everyone will not mind. Or until a strong, young competing channel appears. Then let’s think. For the rest – we sit quietly on a budget,

The expert shared his opinion.

To date, almost all programs and series on our channels are franchises purchased from Western TV companies, or adapted copies of other people’s projects. In the full sense of the word, only KVN (which has long been ranked in the ratings) and the Comedy Club (which settled on other channels), as well as the program “What? Where? When?”

The same “Evening Urgant” was copied from the American TV show “Jimmy Kimmel live”. And “Voice” is part of an international franchise, the first version of which was released in the Netherlands.

What prevents you from creating unique content in Russia?

There is a system of international popular TV shows. The same “Voice”. It’s fine-tuned, understandable – and easier to pay for a franchise than investing in your own project with unpredictable results. Many examples like this. Adapting the show after purchase, agreeing on the actors, the script – it’s much safer and easier to implement,

– Bazhenov explains.

As for the creation of its own television culture (even in the entertainment segment), it began to develop after the collapse of the Union, but faded by itself, and the moment was missed.

After the Soviet television, built on its own, unique base, there was a moment of layering the Western school on the Soviet one, and a unique symbiosis emerged. Of the entertainment shows, for example, it is worth mentioning “Careful, Modern!”. Can you name me at least one other series where two actors keep a single story line of many series? The “33 square meters” project, again, was based on the cultural layer of the CIS, but in the fourth season was reformatted under the Western screen and failed because the audience was waiting for another,

The expert recalled.

Closer to “zero” television went the easy way. The moment of preserving one’s own identity was missed. It has become more profitable and convenient to copy and make projects on someone else’s franchise. Like the rest of the country, television has switched to full import orientation.

Voice into emptiness

According to Bazhenov, one should not hope to change the format of the “first buttons” as long as everything works according to the established scheme. Even if it creaks and falls apart.

There are connections, acquaintances, decisions. The ecosystem is formed and affects the interests of a huge number of people involved in it. Whether it will stand in the context of audience interest is a big question. Changes are possible only if the state will. only in words, “Bazhenov said, and continued:

This crisis has not started now. He has been going for a long time. I think then all these TV presenters will return from “vacations” and will tell again how great it is to live. It’s like corporate parties. What difference does it make what he says for money? It is necessary that the TV began to fall apart, that something changed. The audience is – and great.

Honored Artist Olga Molchanova is sure that the change of format is impossible without new faces, but they will not be able to break into the big air. As the author of the legendary program “Wider Circle”, she understands what she is talking about. This show has been broadcast for 30 years, it was attended by professionals and fans of all genres. Mikhail Zadornov, Philip Kirkorov, Yuri Antonov, Valeria and many other stars of the first magnitude started there.

And today the country forgets the participants and winners of the popular show “Voice”, for example – talented, hard-working – almost immediately. And it’s not about the project itself.

They are not allowed to go anywhere beyond the “Voice”. Here he won – and what? Do we see him much further? In big shows, the same “Blue Lights” – the same set. Sometimes someone succeeded a little if he was undertaken by a very professional, groundbreaking producer. Old stars are not interested in competition. In all entertainment programs, they have weight, and connections, and levers. The same organizers are in line with the same artists. I know one girl, she works as a music editor on almost all key channels. She is very rich now, very much, she married the director of a famous singer. In this case, everything plays a role…

– said the expert.

It is worth noting that artists now use as a platform for their PR, even shows, originally intended for ordinary people.

Nevertheless, Molchanov looks to the future with relative optimism. Some changes on the “first buttons” are still coming: some figures are afraid to return for political reasons, the rest, according to the expert, at least partially reconsider their work.

State order for goodher

Alexander Malkevich, the first deputy chairman of the media commission of the Public Chamber of Russia and general director of the St. Petersburg TV channel, is convinced that “the first buttons need a state order for good.”

For many years, for some reason, it was customary for us to make a large number of programs and programs under licenses. Really, why strain? Everything has already been invented before us. But we could look for some forms of our own aimed at promoting our national values. But now, when there is a demand for it and it is great, it turned out that we allegedly do not have people who could do it creatively,

– Malkevich shares his observations. He is absolutely sure of the need to find these formats and reminds that once domestic television was well able to create them.

That’s why we are constantly unbuckling Western rights holders for project licenses? We have our own interesting solutions. The same “Blue Lights” can be done in the format that was in the best Soviet times, when they showed the heroes of labor, people who have achieved something by the end of the year, and not the same people who filled their stomachs,

– the expert is sure.

Alexander Malkevich respects the Soviet school and believes that it should be taken into account. Soviet television, he says, had good projects and traditions. Interesting children’s, youth, sports programs were broadcast.

We have now revived the program “Dad, Mom, I am a sports family” on the St. Petersburg channel, which was broadcast in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. She looks good, by the way. These are the programs we need – social, family, educational. And entertainment is also needed. As for corruption, my position is well-known: a channel living at the expense of the state should not broadcast porn programs that “debilitate” the population, no matter what they say about ratings,

– summed up the expert.

What’s up?

The “holidays” of TV presenters on the “first buttons” can not last forever, they will definitely try to return. These people have no choice: they know nothing more and are not needed anywhere. Judging by the fact that almost all of them tried not to slam the door loudly, but politely (and not completely) to cover up, and the management of the channels is trying to justify it – all participants expect to eventually return everything to normal.

According to media reports, Ivan Urgant, who ridiculed the shoes of the dead Russian soldiers, has already arrived in Russia. Elena Malysheva assured on social media that she did not leave our country at all, but took a vacation, congratulated her friend on the birth of her granddaughter and generally joined the cultural life. By the way, when there were rumors about Malysheva’s departure to the United States, the general director of the state corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin wrote on social media:

Mars no longer attacks us. We will miss the dances of the testicles and the female member. The crazy house is moving to the States in whole chambers.

It is not early whether the official rejoiced at this event – time will tell. In show business, the deal has long been more important than art. But for public money, federal channels must still solve government problems, not teach viewers to defecate properly.


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